TEDxCharleston 2024 – Uncharted – April 17, 2024 at the Charleston Music Hall.

As uncertainty permeates seemingly every aspect of our lives, we continue to find ourselves in new and unexplored realities. Distilling truth becomes more challenging in our increasingly uber connected world, while the prospect of artificial intelligence entices and threatens us at the same time. But beacons of hope, honesty and humanity give us hope for the future, a confidence that we will be able to navigate what seem like uncharted waters.

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Uncharted: As uncertainty permeates seemingly every aspect of our lives, we continue to find ourselves in new and unexplored realities. Distilling truth becomes more challenging in our increasingly uber connected world, while the prospect of artificial intelligence entices and threatens us at the same time. But beacons of hope, honesty and humanity give us hope for the future, a confidence that we will be able to navigate what seem like uncharted waters.

LB Adams

Back for her 3rd stint as Emcee of TEDxCharleston, LB brings her dynamic style, wit and insights to keep the show moving along. LB was a popular 2019 TEDxCharleston speaker, and spoke most recently at DisruptHR Charleston. She is the CEO of Practical Dramatics, a communication training company that builds better teams by building better conversations. Filmed at

Ann-Marie Adams

In the 21 st Century new methods of communication are becoming the norm. An experienced professor, Adams seeks to explain the shifting notions of communications within these new parameters as it relates to a number of issues including free speech, privacy, confidentiality and even national security. Understanding the public forum in today’s world and its ever-shifting modalities for communication, speech and human interaction is critical to better understanding of each other in an increasingly fragmented society. Filmed at

Jordan Benton

Free expression of movement is the hallmark of this Charleston native’s contemporary dance which she uses to explore the beauty of the time and place - in a thoroughly modern and urban style. Jordan Benton, a graduate of the School of the Arts and College of Charleston, moves with seeming abandon and obvious joy, reflecting her family’s history of music and dance​ that has influenced her. Filmed at

Kubby Culbreth

Kubby Culbreth, founder of Stop Light Observations and Wide Awake Life Coaching, has lived a life many only dream of. As a young musician, he performed to sell-out crowds nationwide, collaborating with stars like Ed Sheeran. But he still searched for happiness. He also experienced a profound journey into mental health advocacy following a personal tragedy, which inspired his exploration into the radical difference between joy and happiness. He has learned that becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable is essential and challenges us with the notion that replacing one simple word can empower and motivate modern youth in this comparison-driven digital age. Filmed at

Herb Frazier

As a writer and Charleston native, Herb Frazier believes that spreading ukweli – the Swahili word for truth – about the Black experience is the only path to racial healing. For the last two years, he’s been spreading ukweli through talks at colleges, churches, libraries and civic organizations across South Carolina. What he’s witnessed is that audiences become more sympathetic and less resistant to social change once they learn the truth about what it means to be a Black person in America today. Building on his experience in traveling the world, Frazier wants to amplify his and others’ learnings so that racial healing can happen here in Charleston. Filmed at

Emily Curtis

Emily Curtis is a soulful singer-songwriter with a captivating southern flair. Since bursting onto the local music scene in 2015, she has enchanted audiences with her guitar skills and smooth vocals, following in her father's footsteps. With a crowd-funded EP and a collection of singles under her belt, Emily's tracks have been signed to sync catalogs for prestigious publishers including Concord Music Publishing and Koze Music. Emily wowed audiences at the Charleston Spiegeltent alongside Grammy winning artists Charlton Singleton and Quiana Parler, and performed at the Riverfront Revival music festival curated by Darius Rucker in October 2023. Her all-female band caught the attention of Garden and Gun Magazine, leading to a feature in the magazine's online performance series, "Back Porch Sessions". She is committed to fostering a healthy creative community and is a proud co-founder of "Sisters In Song," a group dedicated to empowering women in the Charleston music scene. Filmed at

Erin Kienzle

Introverts are not always what you think: they’re not the ultra-shy kid in the corner at the school dance; they’re sometimes mildly misunderstood. And who we might think is an introvert just might be wrong. Erin Kienzle, a local TV show hostess and noted auctioneer - not two powers of introverts, challenging the notion that being loud isn’t the same as being heard. Filmed at

Peter Kfoury

Peter Kfoury has brought the concept of the American melting pot to life through his music. Of Lebanese descent, Peter immersed in his songs the influences of jazz, pop, blues and even funk along with his Middle Eastern/North African roots. At TEDxCharleston, Peter will play "Lucia" one of his original compositions that honors an Italian immigrant friend that lived to be 100 years old. Peter will perform on the oud, an instrument that is regarded as the grandfather of the guitar and that is still the principal instrument in many countries. In addition, TEDxChalreston will be the world premiere of his new music video Mussawat which honors women's equality and equality in general. Featuring Jamaican American singer Audrey Martells, this song and video help us to see the beauty of the human experience. Filmed at

Amber Ludeman

Amber Ludeman, co-founder of Matchstick Social, Charleston's leading social marketing firm, believes it's never been more important to strengthen the art of how we relate to one another at work. Her journey as a remote worker pre-pandemic has fueled her desire to help others see what has been lost as in-person work relationships fall to the wayside. She points out that culture can't truly exist when no one is relational. Amber's talk highlights the profound need to master the art of relationships to thrive in every aspect of our lives. Filmed at

Vikki Matsis

As a co-founder of the non-profit Media Reform, SC, which was the driver behind local community radio station Ohm Radio, Vikki Matsis has a front row seat on the challenges presented in today’s ever shifting media landscape. Vikki believes a change in how we consume information is needed in this era of increasingly unregulated news in order for increased tolerance and understanding in our society. Her talk will look at emerging concepts like filter bubbles and media literacy strategies to help better understand what we are consuming. Filmed at

Stephanie Mackara

Originally from Philadelphia, Stephanie Mackara has lived in Charleston for 13 years and is the owner of Charleston Investment Advisors, LLC where she helps clients build healthier financial habits and stay accountable to their goals. Drawing from her own personal struggle with financial scarcity, Stephanie's insights challenge us to flip the script and rethink our relationship with money, advocating for a holistic integration of financial health into our overall well-being. Filmed at

Dr. Melissa Milanak

Dr. Melissa Milanak knows about the importance of a good night’s sleep. With over 70% of Americans struggling to do what the body is designed to naturally and use incorrect strategies that make sleep worse, she has researched better approaches to improve insomnia and sleep problems. Melissa has transitioned from her career as a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in stress, trauma, and sleep into a business innovator who helps improve workplace effectiveness and optimize performance through better sleep. Her mantra: Fix your sleep and you improve your life. Filmed at

Dr. Jon Pangia

Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to dramatically impact every aspect of our lives. But Dr Jon Pangia wonders when and how it will have a meaningful impact on the world of medicine and health care. As a practicing physician and AI engineer, he has a unique perspective to offer people on what's to come and what to expect in the near future. As AI changes the nature of health care and the providers who deliver it, people will need to understand these changes and the problems they're solving in order to trust them and the clinicians using them. Filmed at

Dr. Jeannelle Perkins-Muhammad

Dr. Jeannelle Perkins-Muhammad, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor with two decades of experience addressing the systemic racism that impacts the mental and emotional health of Black couples. She holds a BA in organizational communications, a Masters degree in marriage and family therapy, and a Ph.D. in counselor education and supervision. The author of, Into-Me-See, her work navigates the complexities of the psychological effects of racism, offering insights and solutions for overcoming the challenges that contribute to high divorce rates among Black families. Filmed at

Nina Cano Richards, Esquire

Building bridges to enable and engender inclusion for the Latinx community is key to the better cross-cultural understanding and acceptance into our country. Language barriers, difficulty in navigating American culture and finding ways to benefit from services are part of Charleston attorney Nina Cano Richards’ goals. Her own family challenges with integration, combined with her involvement in the Latinx community and its 300% increase in the Charleston area in the past 20 years or so has prompted her to work on those goals. Filmed at

Dr. Adam Tanious

Innovative medical technology can allow doctors to offer patients less invasive therapies than traditional surgery. But to do that, surgeons need to have an ongoing dialogue with the for-profit medical industry that develops those technologies. As a surgeon at the Medical University of South Carolina and an entrepreneur, Dr. Adam Tanious says the physician-industry connection is critical. But he says doctors must be careful not to let that relationship sway their decisions about what’s best for patients. Tanious wants to start a community conversation about how to establish rules for that critically important physician-industry link to ensure that patients always come first. Filmed at

Ben Towill

Ben Towill is co-founder of a major hospitality group in Charleston and a passionate promoter of food education and equal access to farm fresh food. But that’s not all he wants to talk to you about. His message is about seizing the moment and taking the crucial first steps toward accomplishing something you can always be proud of. Towill will weave together his ideas about food, community and life’s adventures in a story about a 3,000-mile trans-Atlantic rowing race that he and the executive chef at one of his restaurants completed in 2022. Filmed at

Julie Walker

If you found out that you were at a higher-than-average risk for cancer because of your family history, would you do something to reduce that risk? For most people, the answer is a resounding yes. But many people don’t know much about their family’s cancer history, and even when they do, it’s not clear what to do about it. Julie Walker, a genetic counselor and Charleston native, has some answers for you.  When you know your risk and act on it, you can stop cancer in its tracks, she says. It’s called personalized medicine. Walker will walk you through it. Her hope is that community awareness will lead more people to assess their risks, make necessary changes to their health care and beat cancer in the Lowcountry. Filmed at

Cookie Washington

Cookie Washington, our 2024 featured artist, is an artist, curator and folklorist. Cookie led a sold-out art quilting presentation at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture in 2023. She has been invited back in March of 2024 to teach two classes at the NMAAHC. In addition to her ongoing studio art practice, she has curated & produced exhibitions. Filmed at

Taiko Charleston

Taiko drumming is a Japanese musical art form grounded in core aspects of the martial arts, dance and percussion. Since 2009, when the first group of students gathered under the direction of Tracy Bush, a diverse community of drummers have emerged to make music and honor the roots of the art form. Having grown in popularity in Charleston and the southeast, it has been rewarding to keep up with the interest within the area and numerous requests for performances, workshops, residencies and artistic collaboration. Filmed at

Manny Houston

South Carolina native Manny Houston, and his Boom Bap Crew - Alex Kellner, Lee Barbour and JT Rollerson - will amaze you with their unique brand of hip hop improv – showcasing what it takes to keep the music and poetry flowing. A classically trained pianist who recently completed a tour with an improv comedy hip hop troupe started by Hamilton creator Lin Manuel Miranda, Houston is gaining a loyal fan base here and across the country. Filmed at


RE-EMERGE - Following an unprecedented time over the last two+ years, we are slowly but surely re-emerging to a brave new world, fraught with new challenges and risks, but full of opportunities. Creativity, innovation and thoughtfulness are all needed to deal with this new reality. We’ll explore many important and inspiring ideas in our 2023 TEDxCharleston event, appropriately themed “Re-Emerge.”

Andrea Abbott

Mastering the art of communication across all aspects of our lives is an on-going goal of Dr. Andrea Abbott. As a preeminent surgical oncologist, Abbott understands the need for clear, concise and honest communications. Using skills and experience honed in her medical role, she is particularly interested in creating confident, unapologetic techniques that help people […] Filmed at

Mahoganee Amiger

A Gullah/Geechee lowcountry creative, who is a renowned vocalist, recording artist, songwriter, poet, mixed-media visualist and music cultural preservationist who believes in arts advocacy through strategic partnerships. In her work she explores “time travel” “portals” and Afrofuturism. Mahoganee traces her roots to the orginal Gullah Geechee Corridor. Her indigenous soul music celebrates resilience and commemorates […] Filmed at

Michael Bauerschmidt

As a long time practicing Emergency Department physician, Dr. Michael Bauerschmidt’s life took a turn to Environmental Medicine after an accident and resulting illness that changed his professional direction. He now studies the “why” as well as the “how” of illnesses and focuses on hard-to-treat cases. His focus on Environmental Medicine specializes in chronic and autoimmune issues, chemical sensitivities, pain management and a wide range of brain disorders. Filmed at

Earl Bridges

If you ask Earl Bridges, host of the PBS show The Good Road, life isn’t like a box of chocolates – it’s more like a bowl of ramen. What you put into your bowl can make all the difference, Bridges says, enhancing the good – or the bad. He’ll explain how his travels and focus on “philanthropology” have taught him the wisdom of ramen can be used to craft a compelling message that will make people want to follow you and solve the world’s most pressing problems. Filmed at

Patrick Bryant

A serial entrepreneur, tech evangelist, investor, advisor, and a veteran of launching 8 companies himself, Patrick understands how entrepreneurs must delve through streams of advice as they plan their strategies. How do you rationalize seemingly opposite recommendation – like never give up and fail fast? Patrick has mentored dozens of startups and business leaders and […] Filmed at

Bonnie Compton

Bonnie Compton is on a mission to wake people up to the fact that death is inevitable while inspiring them to live their life fully. Bonnie is an End of Life Doula and Conscious Living & Dying Coach. She believes in the importance of planning for the end and at the same time living life […] Filmed at

Dom Cooper

Learning to live again after the suicide death of her 16-year-old son is the ongoing goal of Dominique Cooper. There are many things that prompt the grief and aftermath that comes after the suicide death of a loved one, especially a child. Using her background as a massage therapist which offers a calming of the body through therapeutic massage, Dom’s mission is to show how there are steps in the eternal journey to the recovery process. Filmed at

Stephanie Dasher

As Executive Director of the Warrior Surf Foundation, Stephanie Dasher teaches the power of surf therapy work to change lives. Using surf therapy as a catalyst for change in our society not just helping to overcome trauma in Veterans, but our communities as a whole. As a Navy veteran herself, her personal life experiences with PTSD have given her a passion for Veteran advocacy and have driven her desire to push for expanded Veteran services and access to alternative therapies. Filmed at

Sydney Ford

When a delinquent youth loses a loved one, it can mean deeper involvement in the juvenile justice system. Sydney Ford, an adjunct faculty member at the Charleston School of Law, wants people to know that if high-risk juveniles get the kind of grief counseling they need, when they need it, their lives don’t have to […] Filmed at

Leon Geter

Almost everyone has some sort of “smart” device and Dr. Leon Geter is making students – as young as kindergarten – through college and beyond of the need for caution. Increased cybersecurity awareness and protections are critical toward being safe. The better protection of one’s personal data and information in the face of constant risks, […] Filmed at

Natalie Hauff

Where do you go to solve a healthcare problem, help a hungry child find a meal or reinvent yourself? Your local public library may not be the first place that comes to mind, but Natalie Hauff thinks it should be. A former journalist, Hauff is now Deputy Director of the Charleston County Public Library and she wants to share her passion for the evolving role of public libraries where everyone is welcome to come learn and grow. Filmed at

Paige Knowlson

An occupational therapist by trade, non-profit executive by chance and opportunity, Paige is a fierce advocate for the inclusion of individuals with disabilities. Her life's work is a focus on raising awareness of the need for, and value of, the disability population. Paige believes any DEI discussion needs to include this silent population and her mission is to catapult this community to the forefront of the DEI conversation. Their inclusion in our community is key for us to begin to see and appreciate that, more than different abilities, they bring a host of strengths to be seen and appreciated. Filmed at

Ashley Hink

Gun violence is the number one killer of children and is a leading cause of death for young adults. Dr. Ashley Hink is a trauma surgeon who sees the devastating effects of violence firsthand, and says healthcare should do more than treat the physical injuries caused by violence. Ashley will explain how healthcare systems can work with survivors and communities to break cycles of violence by addressing its root causes, and will make the case for others to do the same. Filmed at

Christian Morant

This renowned spoken word artist understands that artists tend to experience emotions on deeper levels, sometimes such being dark/heavy, which can immensely effect their lives. As a poet, Christian's performance acts a catalyst to remind the audience it's okay to speak out and re-emerge into the world. Filmed at

Alex Pelbath

Piloting the last American C-17 aircraft to lift off from the chaos on the ground in the final evacuation of military and civilians from Afghanistan, Col. Alex Pelbath was awarded the Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross. The path of a 20+ year Air Force career led him to flying over 4,000 hours of flight, multiple deployments, command of a number of large military organizations and capping his career as the former director of C-17 Special Operations out of Joint Base Charleston. Filmed at

Alejandro Spiotta

Alex Spiotta, MD, a thought leader in the field of Neurosurgery who has authored greater than 300 peer reviewed publications and three textbooks, Vice Chair of Neurosurgery and Director of Neuroendovascular Surgery at the Medical University of South Carolina, and Co-Founder and Principal Investigator of STAR (Stroke Thrombectomy & Aneurysm Registry), an international research consortium involving Neurosurgeons from greater than 100 hospitals, utilizes entry into flow state to complete long distance endurance events such as Ironman 70.3 triathlons. But life is rarely an individual sport. His emphasis is on achieving Team Flow, a much harder skill of the superior leader and will describe the neuroscience underpinnings of achieving peak performance in teams as well as practical methods of improving your team's success. Filmed at

Watoto Charleston Ensemble

Featuring students from the WatotoAcademy of the Performing Arts at Meeting Street Schools, this stage production entitled The Happy People features the music, costuming and movements from African to Cuba, Brazil, Puerto Rico the Caribbean. It is a colorful, exciting festival on stage representing cultural diversity through the arts. Filmed at

LB Adams

Back for her 2nd stint as Emcee of TEDxCharleston, LB brings her dynamic style, wit and insights to keep the show moving along. LB was a popular 2019 TEDxCharleston speaker, and spoke most recently at DisruptHR Charleston. She is the CEO of Practical Dramatics, a communication training company that builds better teams by building better conversations. Filmed at

Full Circle Featuring Grace McNally, The Plantation Singers, Gino Castillo, Abdiel Iriarte & Tim Khayat

This Lowcountry group, led by the indomitable Grace McNally, fuses traditional styles of music such as gospel, Gullah, Malian Kora and Brazilian folk music. These styles ‘re-emerge’ as a new sound reflecting the cultural and musical narrative of the Lowcountry and the Americas. They will be performing two orginal compositions. Filmed at

Okeeba Jubalo

A successful businessman, artist and publisher, Okeeba wears many hats in fueling his creative passions for creating curating, enabling and sharing art and culture. From his local gallery, to his touring exhibitions, to his latest media project and his own creative agency, he draws inspiration for his newest role as the TEDxCharleston 2023 featured artist and stage designer. Filmed at


CASCADES embodies the spirit that triggers great force and movement within the Charleston community and beyond. The city is overflowing with energy and momentum, and Cascades illustrates that dynamic renaissance our whole area is experiencing. Our 2022 event explores timely, relevant and inspiring ideas with the power to cascade throughout the rest of the world.

Jody Bell

When this College of Charleston junior was in high school, she noticed good friends suddenly not coming to school out of fear for their undocumented parents. Jody will share her idea to help educate this growing, often overlooked population. Filmed at

Jared Bramblett

Flooding is escalating: solutions are daunting. Jared, engineer and expert on issues relating to flood mitigation, sees the need for increasing collective awareness on sea-level rise impact and modifying approaches to accelerating risks. Filmed at

Charleston Symphony

The Charleston Symphony’s String Quartet presents Maurice Ravel’s String Quartet in F Major, often referred to as the composer’s first masterpiece. Featured CSO musicians: Yuriy Bekker and Micah Gangwer, Jan-Marie Joyce, and Norbert Lewandowski. Filmed at

Zandrina Dunning & Stephen Washington

A Boston-born, Charleston-based classically trained singer/songwriter joins a native son of the Low Country who is a piano virtuoso. Together the talented duo will debut an original work inspired by the Cascades theme. Filmed at

Jane Kelly

The Covid pandemic reignited an age-old debate about myths and realities of health and medicine. Jane is a veteran epidemiologist and was on the front line of the pandemic as a consultant for DHEC. She brings her perspective on the challenge of finding the truth in today’s noisy world. Filmed at

Austin Fitzhenry

Enamored with biology from an early age, Austin looks to nature for clues on improving our own human interactions. Who knew that the much-maligned snake would give us a template on how to treat each other in life, by using environmental responsibility as a natural bridge to culture and environment? Filmed at

Gracie & Lacy

Talented performers, songwriters and creators whose work honors their Charleston roots. This dynamic duo will present with their unique style featuring two original pieces honoring the 350th Anniversary of Charleston. Filmed at

Jacquelyn Nagel

The old saying holds true: we can learn from nature. Jacquelyn, a PhD in mechanical engineering, believes inspiration through biomimicry can lead to realistic and feasible solutions using nature as a guide. Filmed at

Sam Norton

Farming – not on land – but in the sea. Budding entrepreneur and recipient of the most ever grant funding by a College of Charleston student, Sam is working to grow a new sustainable food supply. Filmed at

Karen Perlmutter

With a master’s degree in clinical social work, Karen has seen first-hand that addiction is a tragedy with a profound effect on the family. She has ideas on how we can support families in combatting the devastating effects of this disease Filmed at

Kristy Pierce-Danford

As founding Director of Charleston County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, Kristy challenges us to use data, rethink our expectations and work together to transform local systems. Filmed at

Russell Reagan

Must the grass always be greener? Expert horticultural scientist and landscaper Russell thinks there are more options than having a lush, green lawn, which in the long run may do more harm to our environment. Filmed at

John Rhodes

Becoming a physician is hard enough, but MUSC cardiologist John proves that overcoming dyslexia, attention deficit and other processing deficits is not an insurmountable task. John scored zero on his MCAT reading, but is now a doctor. Filmed at

Steven Rosenzweig

A happy accident in the lab leads to incredible advances in cancer and dementia treatment. This MUSC and Hollings Cancer Center researcher, Steven, a PhD from the University of Toronto and former faculty at Yale Medical School, provides more. Filmed at

Raven Saunders

Raven took the world by storm when she won a silver medal in the shot put at the Tokyo Games, her second Olympics. Hear about the challenges she faced, on and off the field – throughout her journey from high school in Charleston to Olympic champion. Filmed at

Chris Singleton

A former pro baseball player and best-selling children’s book author, Chris also inspires listeners with his message of resilience, forgiveness and unity following the loss of his mother in the 2015 Mother Emanuel Church Tragedy in Charleston. Filmed at

Keith Smalls

The only formerly incarcerated member of Charleston County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC), Keith’s 19 years in prison’s punishment and rehabilitation process taught him what doesn’t work. Filmed at

LB Adams, 2022 Emcee

A crowd favorite speaker in 2019 with her talk “The Power of Words…Out Loud,” LB returns as your Emcee this year! With a bit of humor and a dip into her theatrical skills, LB will keep TEDxCharleston 2022 cascading along. Filmed at

Jonathan Rypkema, 2022 Artist

With a degree in Visual Arts, Jonathan is a Charleston based visual artist working in various mediums including spray paint, acrylics, and wood. Currently he is expanding to include three-dimensional paintings on custom shaped wooden panels. Filmed at

Otto Borsich & Ro Diaz

A unique performance duet combining musical and visual arts that features a Cuban-born internationally recognized artist and a renowned chef and best-selling author. Euforia is a treat for all your senses that is a showcase of collaboration and coordination. Filmed at


2020 Pandemic in the Lowcountry A discussion with local experts and TEDxCharleston alumni on where our community stands as the Covid-19 situation evolves. TEDxCharleston presents an interactive discussion with two noted experts on the science and medical facts behind infectious diseases. Hosted by award winning Post and Courier journalist Tony Bartelme, the session will present timely information and insights into where we stand, and where we are likely to head next, in the Lowcountry's battle with the coronavirus.

2020 Pandemic in the Lowcountry

MIchael Schmidt, Satish Nadig, Tony Bartelme

An interactive discussion with two noted experts on the science and medical facts behind infectious diseases. Hosted by award winning Post and Courier journalist Tony Bartelme, the session presents timely information and insights into where we stand, and where we are likely to head next, in the Lowcountry's battle with the coronavirus. Filmed at TEDxCharleston


CURRENTS bring together unstoppable, incredible energies for a convergence of conversation. We’ll learn together what forces have taken hold and empower each other to dive in, explore, and take action with open minds and hearts. All photographs by Alice Keeney.

Take Charge of Your Words – Out Loud

LB Adams

Teaching others to frame themselves in the light they want to be illuminated is essential for building confidence and empowerment. Discover how words used to narrate their stories help shape how others perceive them. Filmed May 2019 at TEDxCharleston

Plankton – Our Breath of Life

Tony Bartelme

On a mission to expose the connection between plankton, oxygen and carbon dioxide, this three-time Pulitzer Prize finalist gives us the deep dive on major climate threats waiting just below the ocean’s surface. Filmed May 2019 at TEDxCharleston

Porn – A Mother’s Concern and Action

Stephanie Boye

With increased accessibility to porn, the perspective of healthy sex and relationships for teens is increasingly skewed. This mom turned activist says parents can impact the trajectory of their teens’ sexual experiences. Filmed May 2019 at TEDxCharleston

Opioid Epidemic – One Fix from a Physician

Jay DeMarco

Think every broken bone requires a prescription to opioids? This 18+ year orthopedic surgeon is urging others to think again. Learn about post-op healing using non-narcotic methods to combat the current opioid epidemic facing the US. Filmed May 2019 at TEDxCharleston

Detecting Concussions in the Blink of an Eye

Ryan Fiorini

What if you could determine in 20 seconds whether a patient is suffering from a concussion, and if necessary, provide immediate care. Learn how one biotech entrepreneur is changing the game of neurological damage. Filmed May 2019 at TEDxCharleston

The Flow of Dance

Annaliesa Gowe

From ballet to contemporary, dance flows from movement to movement. This teen dancer shares this in an expressive performance that offers a glimpse into the backstage elements necessary for a dancer’s preparations. Filmed May 2019 at TEDxCharleston

Atrocity to Apology: Beginning The Path for Change

Melissa Maddox-Evans

Working to break down barriers of race relations, this champion and community leader insists apologizing for past atrocities is necessary for progressive dialogues and collective change. Filmed May 2019 at TEDxCharleston

For the Love of Jazz

Robbie Madison and Kanika Moore

What are the sounds of modern jazz? Meet this dynamic duo, whose mutual love for this genre led to the forming of their band. Their performance celebrates, honors and modernizes the classics for music to be enjoyed and shared by all. Filmed May 2019 at TEDxCharleston

The Future of Hearing Is Loud and Clear

Keith McElveen

What would life be like without the ability to hear and pick out one voice from many? For some, it’s an every day challenge.This audio engineer has cutting-edge technology to perceive the acoustic depth of different voices for thousands with hearing loss. Filmed May 2019 at TEDxCharleston

Police and Communities – How to Build Trust

Kylon Middleton

With the critical divide between law enforcement and the communities they protect and serve, discover how one Charleston-based program is working to fill that void. Kylon Middleton shares strategies for uniting our communities and police. Filmed May 2019 at TEDxCharleston

Music – Medicine for the Brain

Jacobo Mintzer

Can music heal? Some say it heals the spirit; heals the body; but what about healing the brain? As the Executive Director of Alzheimer’s Research at Roper St. Francis, Dr. Jacobo Mintzer says that early evidence suggests yes. Filmed May 2019 at TEDxCharleston

40% of Homeless Youth Are LGBTQ – What We Can Do

Melissa Moore

Coming out at a young age is difficult in the LGBTQ community—but being homeless? That only deepens the isolation many experience in an already confusing time. With over 40% of the homeless population identifying as LGBT, Melissa Moore is working to break the perpetuating cycles. Filmed May 2019 at TEDxCharleston

Your Brain In Space

Donna Roberts

With the probability of space tourism on the horizon, the question shifts from how to send humans to the moon, to how to bring them back—without permanently altering their brain and body. As long-duration human missions to Mars and other celestial spots become closer to reality, this NASA-funded neuroscientist is researching such concerns. Filmed May 2019 at TEDxCharleston

Service Provider

Small Opera

What happens when we care more about the screens than the people around us? Better yet, what happens when this modern day conflict is put to the test with opera as its medium? Service Provider by Christopher Weiss and John De Los Santos is performed by Small Opera, an opera group found popping up on a moment's notice. Filmed May 2019 at TEDxCharleston

AGEs Might Kill You. Do You Know What They Are?

David Turner

Foods you are eating on a daily basis is literally taking years off your life. From processed foods to the ways you cook your meals, discover exactly what these toxic AGEs (advanced glycation end products) are doing to our bodies—and how to prevent it. Filmed May 2019 at TEDxCharleston

Brian Sullivan, 2019 Emcee

Returning from our 2017 lineup, this clinical psychologist and tech entrepreneur uses his talents and insatiable curiosity for how people think and behave to better understand how technology can bring us together Filmed at

Mary Edna Fraser, 2019 Artist

This artist’s life work is from an aerial perspective, a view of the earth she chooses to transcribe onto silk using dyes in the ancient medium of batik.  Her stage design were panels from “Charleston Coastline”, an aerial view of the Charleston Coastline, commissioned for the Charleston Visitor Center over 20 years ago. Filmed at


Shake It Up! Speakers, Artists and Performers: SHAKE IT UP flips the script on conventional wisdom by enriching our community with unlikely conversation. As an audience of many gathered as one, we’ll explore new perspectives that transcend normal expectations – and kickstart the future by setting invigorating ideas into motion. Photographs by Vince Musi unless otherwise noted Click on presenter's name to learn more

Making Sense in a Fake News World

Dan Bellack

It may be newsworthy, but is it news? This professor studies ways confirmation bias alters perception, and is sharing techniques for finding credible news sources and questions that separate fact from fiction. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

Drive Innovation through Cognitive Diversity

Li Chang

Powerful problem solving is rooted in diverse thinking. Discover how this technologist embraces a spirit of celebration and inspires his team to use their unique creativity, logic, and reasoning to do better together. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

College Is for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Edie Cusack

Disability is not a life sentence, but a cause for celebration. This advocate has programs in place to give students with intellectual difficulties tools and resources to living, working, and thriving as equals in society. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

What’s in Your Water

Sarayu Das

Pharmaceuticals aren’t just in our medicine cabinets, but are in our tap water. This student invented prototype filters to combat contaminated water and is educating others on the importance of proper disposal. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

Can We Save Our Reefs

Phillip Dustan

Ecology begins at the grassroots – or in the bottom of the ocean. Our reefs, marshes, and waterways are slowly degrading due to warming oceans and rising tides. Learn how you can take action. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

Mind Your Monkeys

Feral Creative

You know how to mind your manners, but do you know how to mind your monkeys? Watch as these puppets, people, and masks uncage your innermost thoughts to unleash your most creative thinking. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

Embrace a Future with Robots

Jason Kerestes

Robots aren't as you see them in movies. This technologist is disrupting how we see robotics in everyday spaces, and how robotics is changing industries. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

Toys Are for Grown-ups

Michael Kleiss

Think toys are all fun and games? Think again. This Clemson University architecture professor is redefining play, exploration, and experimentation as necessities for unlocking the genius within the human spirit. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

Sober Reality for the F&B Industry

Steve Palmer

This celebrated restaurateur knows the strains and successes of his industry can drive employees to the darkest of places. With a focus on service, he’s committed to flipping the tables on professional support. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

Men, Own Your Role in Domestic Violence

Christan Rainey

It takes a cycle-breaker to shake up generations of domestic violence. Meet the man who is encouraging men everywhere to own their role in breaking the chain. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

Contemporary Twist to Gullah Sounds

Ranky Tanky

Get down with this Gullah quintet, celebrating the timeless sounds of the Southeastern Sea Island region with contemporary arrangements. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

Strings of Change

Rene Russell

Freedom is yours to grasp – if you’re bold enough to pick up your instrument. This Lowcountry guitarist and singer-songwriter share her stories of choice, change, and the hope that talks between twelve strings. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

Global Connections Begin at the Dinner Table

Tina Singleton

Breaking down barriers starts with breaking bread together. Tina Singleton traveled to the hostile corners of the world to find what all humans desire: to belong and to be fed. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

Game Your Brain

Jake Stauch

Your brain is a muscle you can train! This neuroscience entrepreneur is sharing how live feedback can change the landscape of ADHD, giving access to attention and controling impulsivity and hyperactivity. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

Emotive Tools to Empower Human Connection

Brian Sullivan

Does reach equal engagement? This clinical psychologist isn’t convinced. Learn how emotion science empowers human connection through new emotive tools. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

Let’s Give Face to Mental Illness

Emily Torchiana

To break the stigma, we’ve got to shake up the silence. Emily’s brave quest is to bring invisible illnesses into the light by giving herself and others permission to see the strength in their struggle. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

2017 Emcee

Marcus Amaker

Charleston’s first Poet Laureate and performer for TEDxCharleston 2016, Marcus Amaker returns as our 2017 emcee. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

2017 Artist

Zak Collins

Balancing art with aesthetic, Zack captures the mysterious and the mystical in his landscapes. Photograph by Jennifer Collins Filmed at TEDxCharleston


Tipping Point Speakers, Artists and Performers: Experience today’s change agents who have reached Tipping Points to harness ideas, actions and events are positively impacting our community and the world. Explore the concept that Tipping Points are not easily reached, but can and do lead to constructive outcomes if the idea is buoyed by sufficient energy, passion and purpose. Expect results as speakers inspire a diverse audience of bold, bright, inquisitive people who in turn will strive toward reaching Tipping Points in their vocation or avocation. All photographs by Fia Forever Photography. Click on presenter's name to learn more

Head In A Bucket

Don Alderman

In this TEDxCharleston talk, Don shares his story of helping a family create a sustainable dairy farm, and build a life for themselves that in turn enriched the community Filmed October 2016 at TEDx Charleston

Roll Down The Windows, Unlock The Doors

Jack Alterman

In a desire to “roll down his windows and unlock his doors” and get to know his neighbors, Alterman launched a photo project called East Siders Matter. Here he shares his story of how it impacted the neighborhood. Filmed October 2016 at TEDxCharleston

Poetry And Jazz

Marcus Amaker & Quentin Baxter

Take the mesmerizing rhythm of spoken word verse and add the percussive magic of drums and you get the genre-blending marriage of poetry and jazz. Marcus Amaker and Quentin Baxter perform “The New Foundation” with an intuitive syncope that is both riveting and inspiring. Filmed October 2016 at TEDx Charleston

Cuban Jazz Experience

Gino Castillo with Abdiel Iriarte

Cuban samba rhythms and New Orleans’s style jazz piano are an intoxicating combo in this jiving performance by Castillo on drums and Iriarte on keyboard. Filmed October 2016 at TEDx Charleston

More Ocean Less Plastic

Lia Colabello

Eight million tons. That’s a lot of plastic to swallow, and a lot of straws to bear even if you’re the world’s oceans (yes, who knew we use 300 million plastic straws a day?). Or rather, especially if you’re the ocean, according to the startling data that Lia Colabello delivers in this talk on the global marine crisis of plastic pollution. Filmed October 2016 at TEDx Charleston

Correcting Corrections: Why I Am In Prison

Lefford Fate

We’ve all heard the startling statistics regarding incarceration rates, and our burgeoning prison industrial system. What’s less known or acknowledged is the high rate of mental illness among our prison population. Nearly one in five offenders in our correctional system suffer from mental illness, and Lefford Fate believes this is unacceptable. Filmed October 2016 at TEDx Charleston

Forget What Your Mom Said: Laugh At Me

Jason Groce

Need to laugh today? Listen to Jason Groce present his very dry, self-deprecating sense of humor and material which borders on both clever and bizarre. Filmed October 2016 at TEDx Charleston

Ignore The Gap: Connections Are Key To Disrupt Aging

Kate Jerome

Think vertical, says Kate Jerome. Make connections between generations—it’s the best kind of problem solving: mutually beneficial, easy and not costly to do. Filmed October 2016 at TEDx Charleston

Creating An Ecosystem of Good

Catherine LeCour

Catherine LaCour is keen on disruption. But mostly, she’s a champion of innovation, and here she challenges TEDx viewers to be catalysts of shaking things up in a positive way by the power of enterprises and the cloud. That may sound simple, but as she makes clear, it’s pretty radical. Filmed October 2016 at TEDx Charleston

Cyber Insecurity: Why You Are The Vulnerability

John LaCour

Warning: don’t watch this TEDx talk if you a) currently feel invincible on the internet; b) have little stomach for vulnerability or c) shy away from FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt). Filmed October 2016 at TEDx Charleston

Brighter Than A Billion Suns: Imaging Life On Earth

Phil Manning

Paleontology is often viewed as a 'blue sky' science, one with little relevance, beyond Indiana Jones movie scripts, in the 21st Century. Phil Manning buries this prehistoric notion in a compelling talk that first and foremost reminds you just how totally cool scientific research can be (plus, his British accent doesn’t hurt). Filmed October 2016 at TEDx Charleston

And You Thought History Was A Snore

Joseph McGill Jr.

Plenty of museums and cultural sites sponsor living history programs, but Joseph McGill is likely the first person to dream up a “sleeping history” program. But five years ago, when he began sleeping around, so to speak, in former slave dwellings, he realized he was on to something. Filmed October 2016 at TEDx Charleston

Silence Is Not Always Golden

Kat Morgan

Speak up. Speak out. Speak loudly, especially in calling out racism. That’s the quick take-away of Kat Morgan’s compelling and heart-felt talk that we all need to hear, especially those of us who are white and may think racism isn’t “our issue.” Filmed October 2016 at TEDx Charleston

The Sea Also Rises: Prepare For A Changing Shoreline

Eric Morris

If you’re on the fence about whether or not the sea rising is real, you better find a taller fence, at least if you plan on watching Eric Morris’s absolutely riveting talk about sea level rise. (You’re going to need that fence’s elevation). Filmed October 2016 at TEDx Charleston

Bollywood Finds Its Roots

Anuradha Murali with Mrudani School of Performing Arts

Did you know that Bollywood dancing originated from classical forms of Indian dance? Kathak, Mohini Attam, Bharathanatyam and Kuchipudi are a few styles of the Indian classical dance. Anuradha Murali with the Mrudani School of Perform Arts show that classical dance provides the foundation for Bollywood. Filmed October 2016 at TEDx Charleston

How To Win Transplants And Influence People

Satish Nadig

As one of only five transplant surgeons in the state, Satish Nadig is pursing innovative research to prolong the life of organs through immunosuppressive nanoparticles or to create groundbreaking technology which can enhance or replace the functions of the damaged organs. Filmed at TEDx Charleston

Kid Power: Small But Mighty

Jackson Silverman

What if you were 7 years old and you were told that you could not help feed hungry kids, what would you do? Well, Jackson Silverman decided this was unacceptable and started a nonprofit where kids help kids, packing backpacks to feed hungry children on the weekend in an area where one in four children are at risk of hunger, with poverty rates as high as 44 percent in some pockets. Filmed October 2016 at TEDx Charleston

Heirs Discover Money Does Grow On Trees

Jennie Stephens

Across the South, land that has been in African American families for generations is often untitled. The family may wish to hold on to their land, but economic pressures make it difficult. That’s where Jennie Stephens comes to the rescue. Filmed October 2016 at TEDx Charleston

Becca Bernet, 2016 Artist

From intricate drawings to delicate sculptures, Becca explores why humans try to hold on to the fleeting corporeal. Filmed at

2016 Emcee

This 2014 TEDxCharleston speaker, currently CEO of the Center for Civil and Human Rights and founder of the Global Soap Project, is back as our emcee. Filmed at TEDxCharleston


Embrace Chaos Speakers, Artists and Performers: Experience today's change agents who have Embraced Chaos to harness ideas, actions and events that are positively impacting our community and the world. Explore the concept that chaos, disorder and uncertainty indeed abound, but can and do lead to constructive outcomes if embraced with passion and purpose. Expect results as speakers inspire a diverse audience of bold, bright, inquisitive people who in turn will Embrace Chaos in their lives and community and use it creatively. All photographs by Fia Forever Photography Click on presenter's name to learn more

The Science Of Yogic Breathing

Sundar Balasubramanian

ARather than examining what takes your breath away, Sundar Balasubramanian, a radiation oncology researcher studies what breath gives you. A deep breath relaxes, and as he explains it creates significant beneficial changes in physiologically relevant biomarkers. Filmed April 2015 at TEDx Charleston

Our Disposable Architecture

Jenny Bevan

When admiring an old building's fine craftsmanship and durability, have you wondered if a new building would be similarly admired 100 years from now? Jenny Bevan is glad you are asking. A designer from the birthplace of historic preservation in the U.S., Bevan outlines how old ways hold new, sustainable solutions. Filmed April 2015 at TEDx Charleston

Zero Equals One: Creating A Business From Nothing

Riley Csernica

Riley Csernica makes entrepreneurship a simple equation, especially for young adults. The 24-year-old biomedical engineer explains how she co-founded a medical brace device company to create a job she would love. Filmed April 2015 at TEDx Charleston

Not Just Ebola

Jeffery Deal

"Write it down," advises Jeffrey Deal, inventor, physician, author, and the director of health studies for a global non-profit. Additionally, Dr. Deal prescribes collaboration and sharing credit as the other key elements to put an idea into action. Filmed April 2015 at

The Business of Hope

Randy Dobbs

Following a long business career, Randy Dobbs, a three-time CEO, describes a challenge he never anticipated. An expert in turning around businesses and motivating people, Dobbs was equipped to handle that which would be daunting for many. Confidently, Dobbs shares how he has lived his motto, “I will never give up on whatever I do! " to apply his business skills to make an inspiring and meaningful difference for his family in their endeavor to overcome his daughter's pancreatic cancer. Filmed April 2015 at TEDx Charleston

Classical Fusion

Seth Gilliard

Violinist Seth Gilliard fuses different times and places for a unique experience. In this riveting performance Gilliard, combines elements of a classical Bach piece with a violin arrangement of Flo Rida's piece Good Feeling. Accompanied by electronics, Gilliard has mixed, Gillard's violin music mesmerizes. Filmed April 2015 at TEDx Charleston

Digitizing The Family Doctor: Put Care Back Into Healthcare

Nicholas Glover, Sr.

Violinist Seth Gilliard fuses different times and places for a unique experience. In this riveting performance Gilliard, combines elements of a classical Bach piece with a violin arrangement of Flo Rida's piece Good Feeling. Accompanied by electronics, Gilliard has mixed, Gillard's violin music mesmerizes. Filmed April 2015 at TEDx Charleston

Lucky Is A Lie

JamieSue Goodman

A self-taught computer programmer, JamieSue Goodman explains that no one really knew about computers or computer programming in her native, rural town of Manning, South Carolina when she was a student. That's changing. Implementing a pilot program to cultivate future computer programmers, Goodman provides several examples of how fourth to eighth grade students create programming from what they know and love. Filmed April 2015 at TEDx Charleston

Indigo Dreams: Downhome Roots Of The Blues

Donna Hardy

A blues artist of a sort, Donna Hardy is a plant-loving native of Augusta, Georgia. She shares where her interest in a new-found species, descended from a 270 year old indigo plant inspired her to specialize in growing and harvesting indigo in Charleston, South Carolina. Farmer, chemist, historian, entrepreneur and artist, Hardy digs into how the plant used to create the beautiful blue is a culture all its own. Filmed April 2015 at TEDx Charleston

Creating Opportunity From Chaos

Earl Hewlette

ways to stir things up. Answering the "why" in the midst of chaos has resulted in two of his biggest successes. A natural skeptic, Hewlette matter-of-factly outlines the opportunity and value that disruption provides. Filmed April 2015 at TEDx Charleston

College: Necessary, But Insufficient

Will Jamieson

A self-confessed computer geek, Will Jamieson says he doesn’t play video games. He's interested in pragmatic applications—in both technology and in education. Jamieson, a student at the College of Charleston published his first million-plus-user app at age 16. Though his apps have been used in more than 50 countries, and featured on several online blogs, he explains why, he's still in school, and talks about the value of incorporating a practical component— as there should be more to school than just the "A." Filmed April 2015 at TEDx Charleston

Lightning, CO2, And A Microbe Walk Into A Bar…

Harold May

Harold May introduces all the elements and encourages scientists, elected officials and business people to work together for a sustainable outcome. Trained in microbial physiology and ecology, May shares a new field of environmental research. He illustrates how microbes use carbon dioxide and electricity to make fuels and chemicals. This process, unlike conventional biofuels, doesn't depend on food crops, arable land or water, but rather waste, making his discoveries a two punch impact. Filmed April 2015 at TEDx Charleston

Life Is Full Of Delays: Finding Peace With That

New Music Collective

Percussionist Ron Wiltrout and saxophonist Dan Voss transport listeners to a new realm of music. This structured improvisation, titled Life is Full of Delays— Finding Peace reflects the emerging patterns of natural systems, which seek balance. From the field recording of nature sounds, the two performers respond from opposite ends—one simple, the other elaborate, and they subtly begin connecting, as they play towards the other's direction. Filmed April 2015 at TEDx Charleston

Secrets Of A Wounded Healer

Nancy Simpson

Nancy Simpson describes herself as uniquely positioned to de-stigmatize mental illness because she has been on both sides of the locked door. With great honesty and humor, Dr. Simpson, who is a licensed clinical psychologist, courageously uncovers what can lay behind the milk and honey. Walking the talk, Dr. Simpson offers a personal testimony for the need to de-stigmatize mental illness. Filmed April 2015 at TEDx Charleston

Finding Home Among The Homeless

Derek Snook

Not long after graduating from Furman University, Derek Snook embarked on an unusual career path, and lived at a homeless shelter in his hometown. There he observed first-hand the difficulties for those who were trying to get ahead. Snook shares how he was challenged by someone whom he least expected. From this experience, Snook found the support and courage to write the next chapter of his own story, in order to help others find voice to theirs. Filmed April 2015 at TEDx Charleston

Drawing The Line With Political Cartoons

Steve Stegelin

From the Charlie Hebdo tragedy, Steve Stegelin recognizes the two sides of the same coin - one that provokes to instill fear, and the other to instill awareness and thought. A published satirist since college, Steve Stegelin passionately believes in the power of the pen. This editorial cartoonist in only a few square inches of space and a “deceptively cute” style targets hypocrisy and chaos from his adopted hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. Filmed April 2015 at TEDx Charleston

Return From Chaos: Treating PTSD

Peter Tuerk

Peter Tuerk, the director of a VA PTSD program, introduces how we process experiences and trauma. Using examples from his research, he describes how it's possible to process memories and their associated meanings to overcome a traumatic incident. When active avoidance impedes natural recovery the most effective healing is facilitated through treatment designed to limit avoidance and to assist with the processing of relevant information. Filmed April 2015 at TEDx Charleston

Guinea Suite

Wona Womalan West African Drum and Dance Ensemble

Ushering a colorful, vibrant energy of ancient times, Wona Womalan awakens the collective unconscious. This performance celebrates the seasons and the elements of life. The Charleston-based ensemble is influenced by traditional Guinean rhythms. Celebrating the distinctive style of an all-female Dun-Dun (bass drum) section, they are dedicated to preserving the arts and culture of West African dance, drum, musical and folkloric traditions. Filmed April 2015 at TEDx Charleston

Entanglement: Aerial Silks Duo

Wonderson Duo

Jordan Anderson and Clayton Woodson elegantly suspend themselves and the audience's breath. This duo's performance exhibits strength, flexibility, fearlessness, and trust. With the grace of ballet dancers and the daring of circus performers, they create beauty as they spin through the air supported by silk and their skill. Filmed April 2015 at TEDxCharleston

Navigating From Storm To Agreement

John Zinsser

Whether at home, school or in the workplace, John Zinsser observes that most people want to avoid disagreement, but at what cost? Like a summer thunder storm, conflict regularly occurs and has benefit. Zinsser makes the case that it's the legal-based model of how we react to conflict, which creates the maelstrom. For a more fulfilling path forward, he encourages people to embrace conflict, using three waypoints to negotiate a beneficial outcome. Filmed April 2015 at TEDxCharleston

2015 Artist

Kristy Bishop

A textile artist working in locally sourced natural dyes who finds inspiration in what most people think of as weeds: indigo, goldenrod and tickseed. Filmed at

2015 Emcee

Vince Musi

An award-winning photographer for National Geographic, this 2014 TEDxCharleston speaker will do about anything to get into a TEDx talk for free. Filmed at


Ripple Effect Speakers, Artists and Performers: Experience today's change agents whose ideas, actions and events are creating an ever expanding Ripple Effect in our community and the world. Explore the concept that even the smallest ideas and actions can have exponential impact. Expect results as speakers inspire a diverse audience of bold, bright, inquisitive people who have the potential to create their own exciting Ripple Effect. All photographs by Fia Forever Photography Click on presenter's name to learn more

Common Denominator

Annex Dance Company

Memminger Elementary School's fifth graders are on the move, on the stage and in the classroom, thanks to Annex Dance Company's extraordinary blend of math, science and modern dance. Filmed April 2014 at TEDxCharleston

Rock ‘N Ripple: Double Standard

Laura Ball

There was nothing standard about the songs Laura Ball and Ann Caldwell rolled out, popular tunes that created a ripple effect right there on the spot. Filmed April 2014 at TEDxCharleston

Teach Life Skills And Change Our World

Jill Chalsty

The way to help young people succeed, is to build their schooling on a strong foundation of communication, decision-making and goal setting tools. Filmed April 2014 at TEDxCharleston

Successful Thinking: It’s A Know Brainer

Heather Collins

Cognitive neuroscientist proves that what holds you back from happiness and lifelong growth is all in your mind, and so is the solution. Filmed April 2014 at TEDxCharleston

Gullah Geechee: The Me I Tried To Flee

Ron Daise

Gift yourself with the impact of your own culture, says educator and historian, and enrich the lives of others around you. Filmed April 2014 at TEDxCharleston

Simple Solutions for Colossal Problems

Derreck Kayongo

Using an ordinary object to make an extraordinary difference in the world, human rights hero transformed the lives of those most in need. Filmed April 2014 at TEDxCharleston

Your Roof – Why Green Is the New Black

Hunter Legerton

Only in high school, this student is sure to go over your head, as he speaks passionately about sustainable engineering which led him to design a modular, green roof. Filmed April 2014 at TEDxCharleston

Beauty And The Beast – Photographing Animals

Vince Musi

Taking pictures of animals was doggone challenging for this National Geographic photographer until he learned how to channel his inner Doctor Doolittle. Filmed April 2014 at TEDx Charleston

Schoolhouse Rock – Changing Status Quo

Ben Navarro

Why is the American dream nothing more than a dream for so many children? The problem isn't the kids, says businessman and educational reformer, the problem is the system, and the solution is in our hands. Filmed April 2014 at TEDxCharleston

Art Is My Soap Box

Kate Nevin

As a citizen artist in a creative community, this talk paints a picture that illustrates the many colorful ways in which you, too, are a citizen artist. Filmed April 2014 at TEDxCharleston

Rather Have HIV Than A Broken Leg

Edward O’Bryan

Travel halfway around the world to explore how healthcare practitioners can make a difference by treating what hurts. Filmed April 2014 at TEDxCharleston

Your DNA Speaks – Do You Have A Choice

Jorge Roig

Does leaving DNA threaten your civil liberties? Learn how corporations can use genetic material you leave everywhere you go. Filmed April 2014 at TEDxCharleston

Libraries Bridging The Digital Divide

Andrew Roskill

Entrepreneur advocates for a public library of the future, a multi-purpose techno center that exists and thrives in cutting edge communities. Filmed April 2014 at TEDx Charleston

Rhythm Effect

Taiko Charleston

A dynamic musical art form, grounded in core aspects of the martial arts, dance and percussion, . Taiko Charleston drums up awe and excitement. Filmed April 2014 at TEDx Charleston

Fun Kills Fear

Greg Tavares

Improvisational comic becomes head coach and lead cheerleader show us how fending off what frightens us most is indeed a laughing matter. Filmed April 2014 at TEDx Charleston

Looping Effect

Graham Whorley

Songwriter and instrumental virtuoso presents a moving and breathtakingly beautiful acoustic set that gives us all "permission to think." Filmed April 2014 at TEDx Charleston

Why They Call It Play – The Joy of Sports

John Wilson

Professional soccer player talks about what's really at stake when we forfeit our love of the game and lose sight of the real goal. Filmed April 2014 at TEDxCharleston

Solving Obesity Crisis One Child At A Time

Louis Yuhasz

Inspired by love and driven by pain, advocate is determined to change the way society disregards and discards overweight youth. Filmed April 2014 at TEDxCharleston

2014 Artist

Lisa Abernathy

A papercut artist, inspired by Chinese medicine and Southern storytelling, to create work emphasizing parallels between human emotions and natural landscape. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

2014 Emcee

Teresa Bruce

A one-time Olympic hopeful turned memoirist and screenwriter, and former Ogilvy PR executive, who was a featured speaker at TEDxCharleston 2013. Filmed at


Reinvent Speakers, Artists and Performers: Our speakers share transformative concepts backed by inspired action - exploring breakthrough ideas that honor the past while bringing forth the full potentioal of something new. Our goal is to provide a platform where thinkers, visionaries and fascinating teachers will inspire us and in turn, be inspired. All photographs by Fia Forever Photography Click on presenter's name to learn more

How Cheating Alters Our Happiness

Jennifer Baker

Applying ancient ethical standards to modern day life, undestand how cheating and our ethics can alter happiness. Filmed June 2017 at TEDxCharleston

The Unpainted South

William Baldwin, Mindy Burgin, Rutledge Leland

This poet who dreamed of being a country song writer, reads his poems while musicians sing and play music created for the poems. Filmed June 2017 at TEDxCharleston

Seeking A Sense Of Place

Eve Blossom

Implementing social change by stemming human trafficking through a plan to connect artisans and designers around the world. Filmed June 2017 at TEDx Charleston


Caleb Borick and Benjamin Halford

A 10-year-old homeschooler pianist and a third-grader violinist perform Mazurka together. Filmed June 2017 at TEDxCharleston

The Wisdom In Quitting

Teresa Bruce

A one-time Olympic hopeful turned writer discusses how reinvention starts with learning how to quit.. Filmed June 2017 at TEDxCharleston

Make It Or Miss Out

Dave Dawson

How artisanal manufacturing positively impacts innovation through process, training, culture and experience. Filmed June 2017 at TEDxCharleston

A Chef’s Hunt

Ricky Hacker

Restaurateur and outdoorsman talks about how hunting makes a better chef and more importantly a better person. Filmed June 2017 at TEDxCharleston

Promoting A Culture Of Stewardship

Winslow Hastie

A preservationist and urban planner presents how we need to look at historic preservation differently. Filmed June 2017 at TEDxCharleston

Conscious In Unconscious Times

Brendan James

Brendan performs and presents how performers can use their song to inspire social change.   Filmed June 2017 at TEDxCharleston

Gershwin/Wild & Rachmaninov

Micah Mclaurin

An 18 year-old piano soloist performs Gershwin and Wild & Rachmaninov. Filmed June 2017 at TEDxCharleston

Creating Parks In Urban Areas

Michael Messner

How an abandoned rail line and urban areas can be used to create parks and recreation for the city. Filmed June 2017 at TEDxCharleston

Try Anything, Try Everything

Justin Nathanson

How I was able to come back from heroin addiction by the mantra, Start Doing and Stop Thinking. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

The Womanist Way – Technology Reimagined

Tiffany Russell

How technology can be used to empower women and communities Filmed at TEDxCharleston

The Secret And The Solution

Michael Schmidt

How copper, used ages ago, can be used today to control healthcare associated infection. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

Conversations With The Universe

Simran Singh

How one can heal and change with faith in the universe. Filmed at TEDxCharleston

When Trying To Solve, Does Not Solve Problems

Bill Stanfield

Rather than focusing on problems, philanthropy should focus on discovering and investing in the assets of particular individuals and neighborhoods. Filmed June 2017 at TEDxCharleston

Skipping School – Concept of Unschooling

Lua Martin Wells

Lua introduces the idea of Unschooling, a concept where students are schooled at home and the students choose what they will study. Filmed June 2017 at TEDxCharleston

2013 Emcee

Lee Lewis

Prepare to be entertertained by one of the original company members of Theatre 99, Charleston's home for improv comedy. Filmed at TEDxCharleston