How To Win Transplants And Influence People

Satish Nadig

Imagine if your life depended on receiving a new organ. That’s the case for more than 100,000 people today, with another person being added to the country’s transplant list every 11 minutes. The demand is huge and the resources scarce, especially in South Carolina. As one of only five transplant surgeons in the state, Satish Nadig is pursing innovative research to prolong the life of organs through immunosuppressive nanoparticles or to create groundbreaking technology which can enhance or replace the functions of the damaged organs.

Satish Nadig is a pediatric multi-organ transplant surgeon whose research is centered around immunology, bioengineering and targeted drug delivery in the setting of solid organ transplantation. Aa native of India, Nadig’s journey, from a family without running water in their village, to innovating nanoparticles in order to help save the lives of those with end-stage organ failure, is the true testament of the “American Dream.”