Drawing The Line With Political Cartoons

Steve Stegelin

From the Charlie Hebdo tragedy, Steve Stegelin recognizes the two sides of the same coin – one that provokes to instill fear, and the other to instill awareness and thought. A published satirist since college, Steve Stegelin passionately believes in the power of the pen. This editorial cartoonist in only a few square inches of space and a “deceptively cute” style targets hypocrisy and chaos from his adopted hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.

On a regular basis, Steve Stegelin creates awareness, raises tempers, and sometimes changes minds. Unlike most adults, Steve stayed with his childhood love of drawing. The editorial cartoonist for the alternative weekly advocates asking, “Why?” He distills current events, on a weekly basis, into consumable chunks to inform, express an opinion, engage the reader, and maybe even elicit a laugh. This helps Stegelin manage the chaos of the times. An award winning cartoonist, Steve and his family have called Charleston, South Carolina home for more than 15 years.