Detecting Concussions in the Blink of an Eye

Ryan Fiorini

What’s your name? What day is it? How many fingers am I holding up? Sound familiar? These are the archaic questions responsible for determining concussions today in athletes, military personnel, kids and the elderly community. Only one problem: it’s insufficient, putting thousands of people at risk for serious brain injuries each year. Until Ryan Fiorini’s device was developed, allowing medical professionals on the field, battle ground and schools to detect traumatic brain injuries in under 20 seconds—and with only a few puffs to the eyes.

A serial entrepreneur with a Ph.D in immunology and microbiology, Ryan Fiorini has been building and selling successful medical companies since 2010.  A semi-pro hockey player in college, looking back Ryan now realizes he, too, had many undetected concussions. Now, as a father of two, this former adjunct faculty member at Trident Tech and College of Charleston, savors the “quiet time” when flying high in the sky courtesy of his private pilot’s license.