2020 Pandemic in the Lowcountry

MIchael Schmidt, Satish Nadig, Tony Bartelme

Michael Schmidt is a microbiologist and infection control solutionist. He serves as Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at the MUSC and focuses on translating microbiological results from the lab into practical solutions. Michael was a speaker at the 2013 TEDxCharleston.

Satish Nadig is an adult and pediatric multi-organ transplant surgeon at MUSC whose research is centered around immunology, bioengineering and targeted drug delivery in the setting of solid organ transplantation. He also led the statewide taskforce to develop Antibody testing against COVID-19. Satish was a speaker at the 2016 TEDxCharleston. Satish was a speaker at the 2016 TEDxCharleston.

<p>Tony Bartelme is an investigative journalist for the Post and Courier. A three-time Pulitzer Prize finalist and author, Tony is fueled by uncovering complex stories that strike a chord within his local community and beyond. Tony was a speaker at the 2019 TEDxCharleston.