Strings of Change

Rene Russell

Rene Russell, a 12-string guitarist and songwriter, with a Southern-Folk- Rock percussive groove has been crafting her percussive, finger-picking style since she picked up the guitar in 1972.  Her songs speak of experience, both personal and universal, while delivering layers of life and internal moments of choice, change and hope.  Her most recent work focuses on the need to start with ourselves and how we are the only ones who can really make any real change in the world.  The sentiment is best described by the phrase, ‘We change and the world around us changes.’

A professional musician for two decades, Rene Russell lives inside her songs as much as her songs live inside her.  She was never interested in playing a 6-string.  Only the 12-string guitar would do.  Her playing ability is matched only by her songwriting skills.