Creating An Ecosystem of Good

Catherine LeCour

Catherine LaCour is keen on disruption. But mostly, she’s a champion of innovation, and here she challenges TEDx viewers to be catalysts of shaking things up in a positive way by the power of enterprises and the cloud. That may sound simple, but as she makes clear, it’s pretty radical. And exciting.

This global marketing strategist envisions a philanthropic ecosystem empowered by good hearts and enriched by good tech. Catherine LaCour is a seasoned marketing executive, strategist and innovator who has deep experience building and promoting brands that drive sustainable growth and profitability for global technology corporations. Bringing both leadership and marketing experience to this role, Catherine is senior vice president of corporate marketing for Blackbaud. She is a Commissioner of the Women’s Refugee Commission, a non-profit advocating for laws, policies and programs to improve the lives and protect the rights of refuge women and children.