Lucky Is A Lie

JamieSue Goodman

A self-taught computer programmer, JamieSue Goodman explains that no one really knew about computers or computer programming in her native, rural town of Manning, South Carolina when she was a student. That’s changing. Implementing a pilot program to cultivate future computer programmers, Goodman provides several examples of how fourth to eighth grade students create programming from what they know and love. She illustrates that committed interest and practice results in ability. For example, a student’s expert texting isn’t from acing a test, but rather the desire to connect with a friend.

JamieSue Goodman has her dream job. Recently, she’s returned to her roots in South Carolina to launch an initiative to ignite interest in fourth through eighth graders, especially girls and other under-represented minorities, to pursue computer science careers. She’s passionately helping others get excited about coding and computer science. For more than 15 years Goodman has worked in software development and programming. Goodman is keen to attract girls and minorities to computer science, and knows that with the right introduction, persistence and encouragement they will fall in love with it too.