Your Brain In Space

Donna Roberts

Perhaps no question is more important for humanity than whether we can leave the Earth to travel to and colonize other planets. Our survival as a species may depend on the answers to this important question. After countless studies, neuroradiologist Donna Roberts has remarkable evidence of the structural brain changes that occur from missions on the International Space Station. Her findings are helping to set the gold standard for medical requirements within the aerospace industry.

Holding the impressive titles of NASA-funded scientist, clinical neuroradiologist, and MUSC faculty member, Donna Roberts has had the privilege of working side by side with both astronauts and some of the top engineers, scientists and doctors for the last 20 years. Born and raised just outside of Charleston, in Georgetown, South Carolina, Donna’s current mission has her setting her sights on discovering just how space impacts cognitive function—especially as space tourism looms within a decades’ reach, a probability that excites Donna immensely.