Navigating From Storm To Agreement

John Zinsser

Whether at home, school or in the workplace, John Zinsser observes that most people want to avoid disagreement, but at what cost? Like a summer thunder storm, conflict regularly occurs and has benefit. Zinsser makes the case that it’s the legal-based model of how we react to conflict, which creates the maelstrom. For a more fulfilling path forward, he encourages people to embrace conflict, using three waypoints to negotiate a beneficial outcome.

A communications catalyst, John Zinsser during the last 25 years, has helped governments, Fortune 500 and global corporations to forge benefit from the too often-ignored barriers to effective communication. Through his management consulting practice, based in Charleston, South Carolina, he has developed innovative systems so employees can safely address concerns, raise warnings, and implement solutions. A recognized expert in the design, build, and assessment of organizational ombuds programs, Zinsser has created and evaluated programs for large-scale employers in Denmark, Japan, Romania, and the U.S. He also lectures on the topic at Columbia University.