Mind Your Monkeys

Feral Creative

Do you ever feel like there’s someone or something in your brain that is constantly whispering advice and providing commentary on your thoughts and actions?  Buddha described the human mind as being filled with drunken, chattering monkeys and believed that the way to retake control of your mind was by taming your thoughts.  ‘Mind Your Monkeys’ uses puppetry and craftily worded dialog to show not only how we can easily become imprisoned by our negative thoughts of doubt and fear but also how to free your mind and transform your fears, and lull your monkeys into a calm and peaceful state.

A child at heart and a fabrication artist by trade, Kris Manning is the fearless leader of Feral Creative, a troupe of professional puppeteers and vibrant stage performers bringing their ‘wild’ side to the city of Charleston and beyond.  Feral Creative’s use of positive thought, joy and humor appeals to adults as well as children and obvious mastery of their art transports everyone to a place where the show’s message can be delivered. Appearing with Ms. Manning are Becky Becker, Geoffrey Cormier, Henry Riggs and Maari Suorsa.