Embrace a Future with Robots

Jason Kerestes

Though the word ‘robot’ has been around for nearly a hundred years, the modern concept of the robot is much more recent. Engineer and researcher Jason Kerestes says we are on the verge of the next wave of robots driven by an increased computational power that has occurred much faster than anticipated.  How will these changes impact the average man?

Not only smarter and faster, new robots are taking shapes not seen before and performing tasks previously not thought possible. Continuing research and technology experts are disrupting the way we see robotics used in our everyday spaces, and forcing us to rethink the ways robotic processes are changing nearly every industry down the line. This talk takes you on a journey into the past where we explore where Robotics began, then leap forward to explore how the development of smart and agile robots will benefit us all.

Jason Kerestes has developed robotic exoskeletons, a jetpack, and other robotics for DARPA research labs, the military and Boeing. He was featured on the science and discovery channel show “Mythbusters: The Search” to bring science and engineering to the next generation of Mythbuster fans.