Creating Opportunity From Chaos

Earl Hewlette

Though he’s tried to retire twice, Earl Hewlette keeps finding ways to stir things up. Answering the “why” in the midst of chaos has resulted in two of his biggest successes. A natural skeptic, Hewlette matter-of-factly outlines the opportunity and value that disruption provides.

Hurricane Hugo brought Earl Hewlette to the Lowcountry. Having served in Vietnam as a Marine Officer and practiced law for almost 15 years, he rarely takes no for an answer. Against the advice of many who knew him, he followed his instincts, to purchase the operating assets to go into the resort business. Out of the torn apart beach, he developed a successful business on the Isle of Palms, South Carolina. Thirty years in the hospitality industry then positioned him for another opportunity out of chaos. Working with a local patent developer and others, Hewlette helped bring about a company that is disintermediating the spirits business.