Drive Innovation through Cognitive Diversity

Li Chang

Hardly a day goes by when most of us don’t ask ourselves the question: how can this be done better? Maybe it’s at work, at home or even while sitting in traffic. We always want better results with less effort, less waste or in less time. Li Chang, a Boeing engineer and technical fellow, not only gets to ask this question for a living, he leads a team of like-minded folks that focus on leveraging diverse knowledge and strengths to build a culture of better products, experiences and innovations.

Li shares how creating a diverse thinking culture can improve gap intelligence and integrate creative, constructive and strategic thinking for innovation. Creativity, when combined with logic and reasoning, leads to new products, methodologies, and productivity increases that can often determine whether an organization thrives or dies. Team effort shows that innovation can occur not only across a company, including the accounting department, within facilities management, human resources and even with the legal team, but can also serve to innovate across industries

With more than 20 years of engineering experience, Li Chang is an Associate Technical Fellow for The Boeing Company.  He is an acknowledged Subject Matter Expert in Technological Innovation and is recognized as an innovation leader focused on strategic integration and implementation of innovations for value creation.