Service Provider

Small Opera

What happens when we care more about the screens than the people around us? Better yet, what happens when this modern day conflict is put to the test with opera as its medium? With their intimate cast and modern interpretations of classics, Small Opera can be found popping up on a moment’s notice in the most unlikely of spaces to bring fun and drama to the Lowcountry with its operatic performances. Service Provider by Christopher Weiss and John De Los Santos is performed by Katie Small (founder), Jordon Boyd, Scott Chachula, Shanelle Woods, Patrick Boyle and Rachel Premo.

Founded by Katie Small in 2016, Small Opera is a pop-up company that brings no-frills opera and a variety of other music to the Charleston, South Carolina community. With the goal to make opera fresh, fun and accessible for its audience, Small Opera takes the classic art form into unconventional spaces with intimate casts, minimal costumes and stripped down sets for an unexpected performance.