Life Is Full Of Delays: Finding Peace With That

New Music Collective

Percussionist Ron Wiltrout and saxophonist Dan Voss transport listeners to a new realm of music. This structured improvisation, titled Life is Full of Delays— Finding Peace reflects the emerging patterns of natural systems, which seek balance. From the field recording of nature sounds, the two performers respond from opposite ends—one simple, the other elaborate, and they subtly begin connecting, as they play towards the other’s direction. Wiltrout begins slowly, with a few notes, becoming more complex while Voss plays quick, complex notes, then becoming more simple and spaced apart. These contemporary musicians are part of the celebrated, Charleston-based non-profit organization the New Music Collective

Ron Wiltrout is co-founder and co-artistic director of the New Music Collective (NMC), a non-profit arts organization devoted to the composition, production, and promotion of new music. He is devoted to exploring the use of unconventional percussion and extended techniques. Based in Charleston, Wiltrout performs with the Charleston Jazz Orchestra, Garage Cuban Band and others. Award-winning saxophonist Dan Voss, is also a member of NMC. Originally from New York, Voss has played at venues such as CBGB’s and the Village Vanguard. Now living in his grandfather’s native Charleston, he’s teaching and part of the local jazz scene, including his music being featured on the soundtrack of the new documentary film about Charleston’s local foodways.