Digitizing The Family Doctor: Put Care Back Into Healthcare

Nicholas Glover, Sr.

Sixty years ago, patients— on their own— weren’t any better at following their doctor’s advice than they are now. But, as Nick Glover shares from personal experience, your then family doctor could readily encourage or cajole one into following the Rx. A lot of factors including the vast increase in doctors’ caseloads have done away with those days. Glover presents an idea to address the significant health risk where patients ignore their doctors’ significant guidance. It’s a solution to engage patients, so they get to the doctor and take the health recommendations needed to ensure they continue to live.

Nick Glover has long been influencing communications. Channel One and the Medical News Network (which morphed into what is now known as WebMD) were two vehicles created under his leadership. Nick then shifted his focus to the venture capital field and began advising start-ups. Five years ago, the 11th generation Charlestonian joined others to launch an innovative system, which improves how people get medical information and assistance. From his commitment to improving health, Nick and his wife, a clinical psychologist, founded a non-profit where horses help humanity.