The Business of Hope

Randy Dobbs

Following a long business career, Randy Dobbs, a three-time CEO, describes a challenge he never anticipated. An expert in turning around businesses and motivating people, Dobbs was equipped to handle that which would be daunting for many.

Confidently, Dobbs shares how he has lived his motto, “I will never give up on whatever I do! ” to apply his business skills to make an inspiring and meaningful difference for his family in their endeavor to overcome his daughter’s pancreatic cancer.

Randy Dobbs knows about transformation first-hand. The author of Transformational Leadership: A Blueprint for Real Organizational Change, he started as an hourly employee. More than 30 years later, his resume includes the title of CEO three times, each company valued over $1 billion dollars, as well as private equity advisor, author, motivational speaker and coach. Now, a private business consultant based in Greenville, South Carolina, he uses his leadership in professional, community and personal settings.