The Future of Hearing Is Loud and Clear

Keith McElveen

The human brain is the most powerful super computer ever created. It enables our health, powers our intellect, channels our creativity. It makes us human. For those with normal hearing, it can even pick out one voice from many. However, for the tens of millions with hearing loss, that ability is lost. Our brains normally rely on two working ears, but when one or both ears has hearing loss or distortion, our brains can’t unmix the cocktail party combination of voices because, like losing sight in one eye impairs depth perception, we lose our ability to perceive the acoustic depth of different voices. Now, Keith McElveen has the solution and it’s as simple as getting dressed each day.

Keith McElveen began digging his roots into the Charleston area in 1979 when he attended the South Carolina’s Governor’s School. Years later he is raising his four children with his wife in the Lowcountry. As a successful audio engineer, Keith is passionate about giving those with hearing loss an opportunity to hear clearly again, though his interests don’t stop there. He hopes to someday write math and science books to help elementary and middle school-aged students better understand core concepts of these studies.