College: Necessary, But Insufficient

Will Jamieson

A self-confessed computer geek, Will Jamieson says he doesn’t play video games. He’s interested in pragmatic applications—in both technology and in education. Jamieson, a student at the College of Charleston published his first million-plus-user app at age 16. Though his apps have been used in more than 50 countries, and featured on several online blogs, he explains why, he’s still in school, and talks about the value of incorporating a practical component— as there should be more to school than just the “A.”

Innovation came at an early age for Will Jamieson. In the eighth grade he read the calculator manual and discovered the shortcut for his algebra homework. Now, he’s in Charleston, South Carolina and an “Entrepreneur in Residence.” In 2013, Jamieson founded a company which has more than 1.5 mill + users across its five applications. Once he graduates in 2016 with his bachelor’s in computer science, he will be underway with his next start-up.