AGEs Might Kill You. Do You Know What They Are?

David Turner

As far as most people know, “AGEs” has more to do with how old you are than the toxic metabolites quickly taking years off our lives. And worse, with current diets and behaviors known to be true of Western lifestyles, it offers a grim outlook for the health and life span of today’s youth. For scientist Dr. David Turner, this perpetuation of lifestyle-related chronic diseases must stop if we have any hope of slowing down the accumulation of AGEs causing destruction in our bodies.

A research scientist and professor at MUSC, Dr. David Turner has spent the last 20 years examining the biological consequences and life expectancy of lifestyle habits. With a focus on advanced glycation end products (AGEs), his philosophy about his work is that “knowledge gained in the laboratory is far more effective if understood by lay audiences” – the influencing factor for his passion of community outreach. Originally from England, Dr. Turner now enjoys Charleston and its unique wildlife and environment with his wife, six children and three grandchildren.