Take Charge of Your Words – Out Loud

LB Adams

Enough is enough, says LB Adams, who finally realized quite some time ago to stop adjusting who she was for the comfort of others. These days, LB uses her skills to help others, with a focus on women, to show up — and speak up — for precisely who they are and how they want to be seen. After hearing other women declare that nothing makes them special, it’s her passion to help other women realize their own unique qualities and potential.  

Founder and CEO of Practical Dramatics, LB Adams uses the strategies of theater and the power of play to teach and hone the necessary leadership, conflict resolution and public speaking skills of men and women throughout Charleston. Her training has an emphasis on humor, which as LB says, makes everything “stickier.” A transplant from the Big Apple, LB now enjoys the Charleston way of life with her husband and daughter.