Making Sense in a Fake News World

Dan Bellack

Fake news is a problem that many wish would just go away.  But it’s a fact of life that we all must get used to.  Separating what is fact from what is fiction is a skill that we must develop in order to make informed decisions.  Complicating this process, is confirmation bias, which means that we tend to look for information that confirms or supports our preexisting beliefs. There is a clear need for better ways to evaluate the information we receive each day. Dr. Dan Bellack outlines a three step strategy to deal with the issue.

Dan Bellack, earned a doctorate in psychology from the University of Kentucky and has now been a psychology professor for 30 years.  Driven by his curiosity for what makes us human and his research for how people think, Dr. Bellack has taught researchers much about how we naturally operate, and how we can improve our thinking to create deep, lasting impact in the world.