Global Connections Begin at the Dinner Table

Tina Singleton

When searching for a way to overcome the cultural differences that increasingly separate people of different ethnic, religious, life experiences and belief systems, it takes courage to consider the breaking of bread as the tool of choice.  Tina Singleton launched Transformation Table, a Charleston-based organization that believes inviting strangers to our tables allows us to see the humanity in each other, thereby fostering empathy and genuine connection.

The intimate act of sharing a meal with someone ‘different’ can change your worldview by shaking up prejudices, preconceived ideas, and stereotypes. Under the auspices of Transformation Table, community members open their homes to 10 strangers, the chef prepares an international meal and in a safe space, and connection is given the opportunity to develop among those around the dinner table.

Tina Singleton, a fashion industry professional turned international development worker turned farmer, is no stranger to reinvention.  She has lived and worked abroad for many years, most recently Afghanistan for 6 years before returning to Charleston with a desire to reconnect to family, her southern roots, and to start a farm. She has personally experienced the unexpected bonds that are created through sharing a meal with someone very different from you and believes the experience changed her life.