Sober Reality for the F&B Industry

Steve Palmer

The food and beverage industry lives an exciting and fast life, as evidenced by the celebrity chefs we see splashed across our TV screens. But with the highs of the industry come extreme lows, which Steve Palmer has experienced personally and through the loss of close friends.

Now living a life of sobriety, Steve calls upon the F&B professionals to stop ignoring or hiding the problems of addiction in the industry. Action and support are equally needed to prevent more lives from being lost. Support which he initiated through the creation of Ben’s Friends. The group is in memory of his friend and chef Ben Murray, who died after struggling with addiction.

A celebrated Charleston restaurateur who began washing dishes at age 13, Steve Palmer is the managing partner of The Indigo Road hospitality and consulting group. With a focus on service, he’s committed to flipping the tables on professional support, serving the very people who support him.
(Photograph by Woodie Williams)