Entanglement: Aerial Silks Duo

Wonderson Duo

Jordan Anderson and Clayton Woodson elegantly suspend themselves and the audience’s breath. This duo’s performance exhibits strength, flexibility, fearlessness, and trust. With the grace of ballet dancers and the daring of circus performers, they create beauty as they spin through the air supported by silk and their skill.

Music: Entanglement. Composed and performed specifically for this choreography by Joshua Starmer.

Long time yoga practitioners and teachers, the college sweethearts, Jordan Anderson and Clayton Woodson, found their way into the air more than 10 years ago through an introduction to aerial yoga. This led to their interest and practice of aerial silks, aerial hammocks and the static trapeze. In 2013 they opened the first dedicated aerial space in Charleston, South Carolina. Performers and experienced instructors, they are helping others to realize what is possible when you challenge yourself.