Jacobo Mintzer

The intersection of art and science is closer than ever, so let the music play on. This researcher explores how music stimulates the brain and opens doors for new medical treatments.Want to see how a man with Parkinson’s disease who can barely walk with the aid of a walker minutes before start to walk and […]

Opioid Epidemic – One Fix from a Physician

Think every broken bone requires a prescription to opioids? This 18+ year orthopedic surgeon is urging others to think again. Learn about post-op healing using non-narcotic methods to combat the current opioid epidemic facing the US.

Porn – A Mother’s Concern and Action

With increased accessibility to porn, the perspective of healthy sex and relationships for teens is increasingly skewed. This mom turned activist says parents can impact the trajectory of their teens’ sexual experiences.

Plankton – Our Breath of Life

On a mission to expose the connection between plankton, oxygen and carbon dioxide, this three-time Pulitzer Prize finalist gives us the deep dive on major climate threats waiting just below the ocean’s surface.

Take Charge of Your Words – Out Loud

Teaching others to frame themselves in the light they want to be illuminated is essential for building confidence and empowerment. Discover how words used to narrate their stories help shape how others perceive them.

Detecting Concussions in the Blink of an Eye

What if you could determine in 20 seconds whether a patient is suffering from a concussion, and if necessary, provide immediate care. Learn how one biotech entrepreneur is changing the game of neurological damage.

The Flow of Dance

From ballet to contemporary, dance flows from movement to movement. This teen dancer shares this in an expressive performance that offers a glimpse into the backstage elements necessary for a dancer’s preparations.

Atrocity to Apology: Beginning The Path for Change

Working to break down barriers of race relations, this champion and community leader insists apologizing for past atrocities is necessary for progressive dialogues and collective change.

For the Love of Jazz

What are the sounds of modern jazz? Meet this dynamic duo, whose mutual love for this genre led to the forming of their band. Their performance celebrates, honors and modernizes the classics for music to be enjoyed and shared by all.

The Future of Hearing Is Loud and Clear

What would life be like without the ability to hear and pick out one voice from many? For some, it’s an every day challenge.This audio engineer has cutting-edge technology to perceive the acoustic depth of different voices for thousands with hearing loss.