2017 Artist

Balancing art with aesthetic, Zack captures the mysterious and the mystical in his landscapes. Photograph by Jennifer Collins

2017 Emcee

Charleston’s first Poet Laureate and performer for TEDxCharleston 2016, Marcus Amaker returns as our 2017 emcee.

Making Sense in a Fake News World

It may be newsworthy, but is it news? This professor studies ways confirmation bias alters perception, and is sharing techniques for finding credible news sources and questions that separate fact from fiction.

Game Your Brain

Your brain is a muscle you can train! This neuroscience entrepreneur is sharing how live feedback can change the landscape of ADHD, giving access to attention and controling impulsivity and hyperactivity.

Strings of Change

Freedom is yours to grasp – if you’re bold enough to pick up your instrument. This Lowcountry guitarist and singer-songwriter share her stories of choice, change, and the hope that talks between twelve strings.

Contemporary Twist to Gullah Sounds

Get down with this Gullah quintet, celebrating the timeless sounds of the Southeastern Sea Island region with contemporary arrangements.

Men, Own Your Role in Domestic Violence

It takes a cycle-breaker to shake up generations of domestic violence. Meet the man who is encouraging men everywhere to own their role in breaking the chain.

Sober Reality for the F&B Industry

This celebrated restaurateur knows the strains and successes of his industry can drive employees to the darkest of places. With a focus on service, he’s committed to flipping the tables on professional support.

Toys Are for Grown-ups

Think toys are all fun and games? Think again. This Clemson University architecture professor is redefining play, exploration, and experimentation as necessities for unlocking the genius within the human spirit.

Mind Your Monkeys

You know how to mind your manners, but do you know how to mind your monkeys? Watch as these puppets, people, and masks uncage your innermost thoughts to unleash your most creative thinking.