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Watch TEDxCharleston 2016 Talks – Holy City Sinner

You can now watch each of the 2016 TEDxCharleston talks online. This year’s event took place at the Charleston Music Hall on October 19th. See the full story at

‘Brighter Than A Billion Suns’: SLAC Studies Featured in TEDx Talk

Phil Manning and his colleagues have used synchrotron light for nearly a decade to help interpret the chemical signatures locked within fossilized life. Bright X-rays have allowed them to study fossilized worm burrows, recreate pigment patterns in ancient bird feathers, see how Jurassic dinosaur bones heal and image the living chemistry of 50-million year old … read more

TEDxCharleston: Maybe we can change the world – Charleston City Paper

Two days ago I attended TEDx Charleston, my first TED talk experience of any kind. I remember drumming my fingers on the dashboard of my college boyfriend’s car, him saying, “So I’ve been listening to these things, TED Talks, they’re really inspirational. There was this one…” Did I doze off or just start playing with … read more

Paleontologist Shines New Light On Old Bones – The CollegeToday

When College of Charleston paleontology professor Phil Manning takes the stage for his presentation at the 2016 TEDxCharleston program on Oct. 19, 2016, he will shed a very bright light on some of his recent research. In this case, the light is brighter than 10 billion Suns.   Using a synchrotron, which is a type of particle accelerator, Manning and … read more

TEDxCharleston Adventure with Bill Stanfield

TEDxCharleston is proud to present ADVENTURES: Ideas in Action. TEDxCharleston Adventures are unique and intimate events, designed to offer participants unparalleled, behind-the-scenes access to the people, places and ideas that make our community so dynamic. UPCOMING ADVENTURE: Adventure with Rev. Bill Stanfield, 2013 TEDxCharleston speaker WHEN: Wednesday, Sept. 28 3:30-5pm (reception to follow) WHERE: Metanoia … read more