TEDxCharleston hosting TED2017 Highlights Exclusive Cinema Experience

Join TEDxCharleston on Sunday, April 30, 2017 at 4pm for the TED2017 Cinema “Highlights Exclusive” experience. TED will be opened up for the public like never before, with a program created exclusively for cinema audiences. This event will give cinema-goers a first-of-its-kind look at the TED2017 conference experience, driven by revelatory TED Talks and performances captured […]

‘Brighter Than A Billion Suns’: SLAC Studies Featured in TEDx Talk

Phil Manning and his colleagues have used synchrotron light for nearly a decade to help interpret the chemical signatures locked within fossilized life. Bright X-rays have allowed them to study fossilized worm burrows, recreate pigment patterns in ancient bird feathers, see how Jurassic dinosaur bones heal and image the living chemistry of 50-million year old […]

Speaking about the TED effect – CBS News

Whatever the topic, whenever an expert gives a TED Talk, millions around the world want to hear what was said. Which is why our David Pogue of Yahoo Tech is Talking Ted with us this morning: Every February, 1,500 people travel to Vancouver, Canada, for one of the most famous conferences in the world. They […]

A closer look at TEDxCharleston’s stage design – TEDx Innovations

Work from local artist Lisa Abernathy was showcased in several ways at TEDxCharleston, including an exquisite poplin print of her cut-paper art depicting scenes from the Charleston area draped behind the stage. Organizer Edith Howle was inspired to transform Abernathy’s art into a stage backdrop after viewing the stage of another event. “We thought it would […]

The TEDification of Corporate America – BloombergBusinessweek

Last November, State Street (STT) introduced a new team-building exercise: The financial-services company hosted its own TED event, modeled on the conference series that promises “riveting talks by remarkable people.” While TED speakers have included big names such as Bill Gates and Sheryl Sandberg, State Street drew upon its own pool of about 30,000 employees. “We had people from all geographies and all levels of the company,” says Hannah Grove, State Street’s chief marketing officer, who came up with the idea.

Improving the community through the ripple effect – Communities Digital News

People like [TEDxCharleston 2014 Speaker] Ben Navarro are illustrating that one small change can have a positive effect for the community, which is why you should attend this once-in-a-lifetime event if you have the opportunity.

No, His Name Is Not Ted – The New York Times

At 57, Mr. Anderson, the British former magazine publisher and Internet entrepreneur who took over the organization in 2001 and built it into a multimedia colossus, is in many ways the embodiment of his famous ideas organization. Like the TED Talks millions love, and some love to rip apart, Mr. Anderson is high-minded but sometimes inaccessible, forward thinking to the point of “whoa,” and so earnest it can be easy to smirk.

Who Makes It Onto The TED Stage? The Inside Scoop – Forbes

In 2008 at the elite TED Conference, brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor brought the house down with a very personal and unusual talk.

She described in explicit detail, as only a brain researcher could, what was happening as she faced the fascinating and terrifying experience of having a stroke. Since her talk was posted online, it has been viewed 12 million times in 45 languages, and word has it a Hollywood movie about her story is in development.

Brené Brown’s Presentation Caught Oprah’s Attention. The Same Skills Can Work For You – Forbes

Billionaire Warren Buffett once told a class of MBA students that he would pay $100,000 for 10 percent of their future earnings. If they had communication skills, he’d fork over $150,000. If he had met research professor Brené Brown, he might have paid a lot more.

In 2010 Houston’s Brené Brown delivered a twenty-minute presentation that changed her life. Her TEDx presentation on “the power of vulnerability” has been viewed online more than 11 million times. One of those viewers was Oprah Winfrey.

Here’s Why TED and TEDx are So Incredibly Appealing (infographic) – Forbes

Watch any TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) video and you’re most certainly met with an intellectual adrenaline rush, like the feeling that rips through you after a significant accomplishment. Except this time, the thrill is triggered by the imagination and not the act. How TED and its TEDx licensees manage to consistently produce that effect on people, is one of the many intriguing things I learned after talking to TED’s leader Chris Anderson and researching the TEDx phenomenon.