Speaking about the TED effect – CBS News

Whatever the topic, whenever an expert gives a TED Talk, millions around the world want to hear what was said. Which is why our David Pogue of Yahoo Tech is Talking Ted with us this morning:

Every February, 1,500 people travel to Vancouver, Canada, for one of the most famous conferences in the world. They sit in a custom-built theater for four days, listening to talks by famous or brilliant people. No talk is more than 18 minutes long. Tickets cost $8,500 — and it’s sold out every year.

This is the TED Conference. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. The conference begins again next week, this time with speakers like Al Gore, Norman Lear, and singer John Legend.

But if you’ve ever seen a TED talk, it’s probably not because you went to the conference. It’s probably because you’ve seen one of the talk videos. Three million people watch TED videos every day — about a billion views a year — on TED.com, YouTube, Netflix, and even on airplanes. And it’s all for free.

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