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TEDxCharleston: Perspectives – Healing and Non-violence

Videos that inspire us. Playlist by Claire Monahan, Edith Howle and Andrea Schenk. What a summer it’s been. Since we gathered for TEDxCharleston 2015 in late spring, the Charleston community has experienced riveting events, from the shooting of Walter Scott to the tragic massacre at Mother Emanuel. Our hearts have been broken, stirred, opened and uplifted, and […]

From the Desk of a TEDxCharleston Speaker Coach

Being a speaker coach for TEDxCharleston has been an amazing experience. First of all, as a public speaker, myself, I thought I knew how to give a great talk.

From the Desk of the Speaker Selection Committee Chair

Today was a big day for the TEDxCharleston team, a day when we finally got to share the result of a lot of hard work figuring out who would take the stage this April 8th at Memminger Auditorium. Was the process fun? Yes. But it was also really really difficult.


What a pleasure it was to be a fly on the oak, as it were, last Tuesday in the Cistern Yard, when a film team led by TEDxCharleston’s Video Producer and Historian, Anne Emerson, went to work at the first official gathering of this year’s speakers. College of Charleston’s storied edifices served as a divinely apropos backdrop for a revealing interview session, in which the diverse group shared their thoughts on the things that inspire their perspectives and impassion their actions.

Upward and Forward

The great thing about TED Talks is that no matter what the issue is at hand, we keep sharing ideas to drive us upward and forward. The same is true for women. One TED Talk can have an effect on how women across the globe view themselves and act against unfairness. Each time we come out and address women’s issues, we are creating a ripple effect that can be heard around the world.

TED On The Run

​By the end of this year my running shoes will have exceedingly worn treads. It’s the same old New Year’s resolution, but with a promising new tool. The TED app on my phone is the heart of my exercise stimulus plan; it’s a boredom-busting workout buddy that motivates me to move.

TEDxCharleston and Lua Wells Introduce “Unschooling” to Our Community

A major goal of TEDxCharleston is to raise awareness around new ideas and to get new conversations going. Everyone definitely does not have the same opinion, but to me, that is what makes the world so interesting, fun and challenging. I believe it is also what helps us advance as a civilization and a race. So here is one conversation that has been started.

Blog from Olivia Pool – The Art Mag

I’m in love with TED and his “x” in Charleston.
Often, when falling in love, it’s your heart that reacts first. What I just experienced was a full-on let’s-elope-right-now experience, with heart and head leading the way. Yup, I just fell completely in love with TED, TEDx, TED Talks, everything TED at the TEDxCharleston inaugural event yesterday at Pure Theatre on King Street. If he was a man, he’d be in my bed right now.

There’s not much that’s more attractive than an entire room full of extremely intelligent, fascinating people from completely different walks of life that are all avid seekers of knowledge. And not only do these people want to grow and learn, but the majority of them are catalysts of positive growth and change. These are some of the brains and hearts that make (or will make) the world a better place. I’m certain of it.

Blog from Amber Ludeman, Levelwing

Here’s what one of the attendees, Amber Ludeman, at TEDxCharleston 2013 had to say about the event on the Levelwing blog

Social Analyst Amber Ludeman had the good fortune of attending the TEDxCharleston event this week in downtown Charleston. She reports how her day dedicated to ideas went:

The miracle of your mind is that you can see the world as it isn’t.