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Here’s what one of the attendees, Olivia Pool, at TEDxCharleston 2013 had to say about the event on The Art Mag blog

I’m in love with TED and his “x” in Charleston.

“The miracle of your mind is that you can see the world as it isn’t.”
– Kathryn Schulz

“We can change the world, if we defy the impossible.
We have the tools. We have the passion.
We can be more. We can be much more.
  Wonder, Insight, Ideas… It’s time for TED”

Often, when falling in love, it’s your heart that reacts first. What I just experienced was a full-on let’s-elope-right-now experience, with heart and head leading the way. Yup, I just fell completely in love with TED, TEDx, TED Talks, everything TED at the TEDxCharleston inaugural event yesterday at Pure Theatre on King Street. If he was a man, he’d be in my bed right now.

There’s not much that’s more attractive than an entire room full of extremely intelligent, fascinating people from completely different walks of life that are all avid seekers of knowledge. And not only do these people want to grow and learn, but the majority of them are catalysts of positive growth and change. These are some of the brains and hearts that make (or will make) the world a better place. I’m certain of it.

First off, I must say I felt so incredibly flattered to be amongst this group of dynamic pioneers – the whole group was incredible. The speakers, the audience, the organizers. Gosh, curator Edith Howle and the organizers – WOW, THANK YOU!  THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME AND ENERGY AND RESOURCES TO BRING THIS TO CHARLESTON.  The audience was equally impressive. It was so refreshing to be surrounded by so many people that I knew would be really smart and I didn’t even know them personally yet. I made friends yesterday with people that I know I will be friends with for a long time to come. How amazing is that?!  The speakers ended at 4pm. I was still engaged in amazing conversations over 6 hours later.

The speakers were brilliant, of course. I expected no less.

Eve Blossom is doing her part to abolish the sex trade. Author Teresa Bruce wants to dance in Strawberry Fields. Ten-year-olds Caleb Borick and Benjamin Halford got a standing ovation for their classical piano and violin duo.

Michael Messner wants to turn the dilapidated parts of Charleston into beautiful parks and greenways. Educator Tiffany Russell is all about being a womanist and she has a new book called Dream, Olivia, Dream! Videographer Justin Forest Nathanson gave first-hand examples of why we should “try everything.” Reverend Bill Stanfield wants to strengthen the bright spots in vulnerable neighborhoods by feeding solutions instead of problems. Ricky Hacker from EVO Pizza made me incredibly hungry. MUSC Faculty Michael Schmidt taught us that copper can fight infections and save lives. Singer/songwriter Brendan James sang about removing violence from the world. Simran Singh had me weeping – weeeeeping –  as my own life calling gained clarity as she spoke.

I want to help these people make these beautiful things happen. Actually, I want to help as many people as possible to make beautiful, good, kind, awe-inspiring things happen. I profoundly thank everyone that was part of TEDxCharleston for inspiring my own thoughts and dreams. And for reminding me that anything is possible, that each human is full of immeasurable potential, and most of all, to step into my own power.

The videos of the Charleston TEDsters should be live on the TEDx YouTube channel soon. Take a few minutes out of your day to fall in love with inspiration.

Then go do something brilliant and beautiful.

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