Full Circle Featuring Grace McNally, The Plantation Singers, Gino Castillo, Abdiel Iriarte & Tim Khayat

This Lowcountry group, led by the indomitable Grace McNally, fuses traditional styles of music such as gospel, Gullah, Malian Kora and Brazilian folk music. These styles ‘re-emerge’ as a new sound reflecting the cultural and musical narrative of the Lowcountry and the Americas. They will be performing two orginal compositions.

Paige Knowlson

An occupational therapist by trade, non-profit executive by chance and opportunity, Paige is a fierce advocate for the inclusion of individuals with disabilities. Her life’s work is a focus on raising awareness of the need for, and value of, the disability population. Paige believes any DEI discussion needs to include this silent population and her mission is to catapult this community to the forefront of the DEI conversation. Their inclusion in our community is key for us to begin to see and appreciate that, more than different abilities, they bring a host of strengths to be seen and appreciated.

Earl Bridges

If you ask Earl Bridges, host of the PBS show The Good Road, life isn’t like a box of chocolates – it’s more like a bowl of ramen. What you put into your bowl can make all the difference, Bridges says, enhancing the good – or the bad. He’ll explain how his travels and focus on “philanthropology” have taught him the wisdom of ramen can be used to craft a compelling message that will make people want to follow you and solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Watoto Charleston Ensemble

Featuring students from the WatotoAcademy of the Performing Arts at Meeting Street Schools, this stage production entitled The Happy People features the music, costuming and movements from African to Cuba, Brazil, Puerto Rico the Caribbean. It is a colorful, exciting festival on stage representing cultural diversity through the arts.

Christian Morant

This renowned spoken word artist understands that artists tend to experience emotions on deeper levels, sometimes such being dark/heavy, which can immensely effect their lives. As a poet, Christian’s performance acts a catalyst to remind the audience it’s okay to speak out and re-emerge into the world.

Okeeba Jubalo

A successful businessman, artist and publisher, Okeeba wears many hats in fueling his creative passions for creating curating, enabling and sharing art and culture. From his local gallery, to his touring exhibitions, to his latest media project and his own creative agency, he draws inspiration for his newest role as the TEDxCharleston 2023 featured artist and stage designer.

Ashley Hink

Gun violence is the number one killer of children and is a leading cause of death for young adults. Dr. Ashley Hink is a trauma surgeon who sees the devastating effects of violence firsthand, and says healthcare should do more than treat the physical injuries caused by violence. Ashley will explain how healthcare systems can work with survivors and communities to break cycles of violence by addressing its root causes, and will make the case for others to do the same.

Natalie Hauff

Where do you go to solve a healthcare problem, help a hungry child find a meal or reinvent yourself? Your local public library may not be the first place that comes to mind, but Natalie Hauff thinks it should be. A former journalist, Hauff is now Deputy Director of the Charleston County Public Library and she wants to share her passion for the evolving role of public libraries where everyone is welcome to come learn and grow.

Leon Geter

Almost everyone has some sort of “smart” device and Dr. Leon Geter is making students – as young as kindergarten – through college and beyond of the need for caution. Increased cybersecurity awareness and protections are critical toward being safe. The better protection of one’s personal data and information in the face of constant risks, […]

Sydney Ford

When a delinquent youth loses a loved one, it can mean deeper involvement in the juvenile justice system. Sydney Ford, an adjunct faculty member at the Charleston School of Law, wants people to know that if high-risk juveniles get the kind of grief counseling they need, when they need it, their lives don’t have to […]