2014 Artist

A papercut artist, inspired by Chinese medicine and Southern storytelling, to create work emphasizing parallels between human emotions and natural landscape.

2014 Emcee

A one-time Olympic hopeful turned memoirist and screenwriter, and former Ogilvy PR executive, who was a featured speaker at TEDxCharleston 2013.

Solving Obesity Crisis One Child At A Time

Inspired by love and driven by pain, advocate is determined to change the way society disregards and discards overweight youth.

Why They Call It Play – The Joy of Sports

Professional soccer player talks about what’s really at stake when we forfeit our love of the game and lose sight of the real goal.

Looping Effect

Songwriter and instrumental virtuoso presents a moving and breathtakingly beautiful acoustic set that gives us all “permission to think.”

Fun Kills Fear

Improvisational comic becomes head coach and lead cheerleader show us how fending off what frightens us most is indeed a laughing matter.

Rhythm Effect

A dynamic musical art form, grounded in core aspects of the martial arts, dance and percussion, . Taiko Charleston drums up awe and excitement.

Libraries Bridging The Digital Divide

Entrepreneur advocates for a public library of the future, a multi-purpose techno center that exists and thrives in cutting edge communities.

Your DNA Speaks – Do You Have A Choice

Does leaving DNA threaten your civil liberties? Learn how corporations can use genetic material you leave everywhere you go.

Rather Have HIV Than A Broken Leg

Travel halfway around the world to explore how healthcare practitioners can make a difference by treating what hurts.