2013 Emcee

Prepare to be entertertained by one of the original company members of Theatre 99, Charleston’s home for improv comedy.

Skipping School – Concept of Unschooling

Lua introduces the idea of Unschooling, a concept where students are schooled at home and the students choose what they will study.

When Trying To Solve, Does Not Solve Problems

Rather than focusing on problems, philanthropy should focus on discovering and investing in the assets of particular individuals and neighborhoods.

Conversations With The Universe

How one can heal and change with faith in the universe.

The Secret And The Solution

How copper, used ages ago, can be used today to control healthcare associated infection.

The Womanist Way – Technology Reimagined

How technology can be used to empower women and communities

Try Anything, Try Everything

How I was able to come back from heroin addiction by the mantra, Start Doing and Stop Thinking.

Creating Parks In Urban Areas

How an abandoned rail line and urban areas can be used to create parks and recreation for the city.

Gershwin/Wild & Rachmaninov

An 18 year-old piano soloist performs Gershwin and Wild & Rachmaninov.

Conscious In Unconscious Times

Brendan performs and presents how performers can use their song to inspire social change.