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Four Public Webcast Sessions at Charleston County Public Library

TEDxMarionSquare is hosting four separate webcasting sessions of TED 2013 – The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered. This past spring, TED staged a global talent search to bring together the most remarkable lineup in TED’s history. A series of TED salons in 14 cities around the world helped TED discover a broad array of thinkers and doers, and a selection of them will share their work with the world, as part of an extraordinary roster of speakers and performers (Speaker details).  

Please note the change that we will be webcasting over only one day.

TED fans who already have registered for any of the four sessions will remain registered for those specific sessions.  Those registered for any of the sessions originally scheduled for February 27 are automatically registered to attend the same sessions on February 28th.  Re-registration is not necessary.

Session 1: Disrupt!

February 28 at 9:15am – 11:00am EST

Alastair Parvin, Designer
Danny Hills, Computer Theorist
Black, Yo-yo Champion
Lesley Perkes, Public Art Instigator
Liu Bolin, Artist
Amanda Palmer, Musician, Blogger
Larry Lessig, Legal Activist

Session 2: Dream!

February 28 at 11:30am – 1:15pm EST

Rich + Tone Talauega, Creative Directors, Choreographers
Elon Musk, Serial Entrepreneur
Mary Lou Jepsen, Screen Engineer
Taylor Wilson, Nuclear Scientist
Freeman Hrabowski, Educator
Ji-Hae Park, Violinist
Stewart Brand, Environmentalist, Futurist

Session 3: Create!

February 28 at 1:45pm – 3:30pm EST

Martin Villeneuve, Graphic Artist, Director
Dong Woo Jang, Bow Designer
Jinsop Lee, Multi-sense Designer
Yu ‘Jordy” Fu, Multifaceted Designer
Barb Stuckey, Food Creator
Kate Stone, Shepherd of Electrons
Jack Andraka, Cancer Detector Inventor

Session 4: Sustain!

February 28 at 4:00pm – 5:45pm EST

Leyla Acaroglu, Sustainability Strategist
Allan Savory, Grassland Ecosystem Pioneer
Wang Li, Mouth Musician
Miranda Wang and Jean Yao, Science Fair Winners
Alex Laskey, Energy Software Maker
Pedrito Martinez Group, Afro-Cuban Alchemists
Michael Green, Architect
Ron Finley, Renegade Gardener