Connect, Inspire, Rock Your Very Foundation: TEDx 2014 – Charleston Grit

There’s nothing so moving as a good, solid TEDtalk. Really… ever gotten sucked into the videos online? Or did you go last year, to TEDxCharleston?

Here’s the thing about these talks: each of them come from somewhere, and that’s what makes them different. Different from potboiler motivational quotes plastered along the halls of the office, the stack of trivial psycho-babble in the self-help section of the book store. The fire the speakers light under their audiences comes from their own backgrounds, their own lessons, their own experiences. And to be able to absorb this wisdom in your own community, apply it to your own community? Now then, that’s the wisest move of them all.

Here’s what’s happening now: TEDx is looking for speakers for the 2014 conference—to be held April 8 at Memminger Auditorium—and has even extended the deadline for speaker applications through November 3.

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