Don Alderman

WATCH: “Head in a Bucket” An investment and wealth manager by day and Costa Rican farmer by vacation, this inveterate traveler believes responsible tourism can improve lives and reduce suffering in destination communities. Website

Jack Alterman

WATCH: “Roll Down the Windows, Unlock the Doors” With refined aperture and clear focus, this Charleston native has been documenting his community for decades, using his lens to capture the dynamics of rootedness, change and gentrification. Website | Instagram | Twitter

Marcus Amaker and Quentin Baxter

WATCH: “Poetry and Jazz” Percussion and poetry find harmony in the genre-bending geniuses of these two multi-faceted artists. Marcus: Website | Twitter | Instagram Quentin: Website | Facebook

Gino Castillo with Abdiel Iriarte

WATCH: “Cuban Jazz Experience” Mixing the rhythms of Cuba and the global reach of jazz, these musicians bring it on home. Gino: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook Abdiel: Twitter

Lia Colabello

WATCH: “More Ocean Less Plastic” A wave-rider turned sports management pro and environmental advocate, this lover of all things aquatic and beachy understands the danger of our polluted oceans, and is looking to shift the tide. Website | Instagram

Lefford Fate

WATCH: “Correcting Corrections: Why I am In Prison” From Command Chief of the nation’s premier F-16 fighter wing to the wings of an overcrowded prison system, this mental health and military professional has some thoughts about how prison can better serve the mentally ill.

Jason Groce

WATCH: “Forget What Your Mom Said: Laugh At Me” Brace yourself for this improv and sketch comedian disguised as a graphic designer and aspiring techie. Instagram | Twitter

Kate Jerome

WATCH: “Ignore The Gap: Connections Are Key To Disrupt Aging” Thinking vertical comes naturally to this publishing exec and children’s book author, especially when it comes to aging and longevity. Website | Twitter | LinkedIn

Catherine LaCour

WATCH: “Creating An Ecosystem of Good” This global marketing strategist envisions a philanthropic ecosystem empowered by good hearts and enriched by good tech. Website | Twitter

John LaCour

WATCH: “Cyber Insecurity: Why You Are The Vulnerability” Tech CEO or spy-in-chief? No matter – this seasoned IT pro knows the tipping point of cybersecurity, or insecurity. Website | Twitter | LinkedIn