WOW Charleston, you exceeded our expectations!

In 5 days, all our tickets are sold out for TEDxCharleston 2014!  Look for our videos coming out in May.

There’s only one way to start a RIPPLE EFFECT — DIVE IN!


For our 2nd Annual TEDxCharleston, we’re pleased that our TEDx license allows us to offer more seats compared to last year. That means more people can experience the stimulating, conversation-starting, inspiring, challenging, uplifting, rippling presentations by our stellar line up of 2014 Speakers.

Ten Reasons to Attend TEDxCharleston
  1. It's like an invigorating head/brain massage (only it doesn’t mess up your hair).

  2. Become part of the worldwide TED movement, in the #1 city in the world.

  3. Be on the ground floor of building a new intellectual community.

  4. Get more stimulation than a Kudu double shot (and its as cool as being seen at Kudu, too).

  5. Expand your bucket list.

  6. Get some rocket fuel for your inquisitive mind.

  7. It’s your chance to be part of making Charleston a better place.

  8. Take a break from your Twitter feed; chew on something other than the economy, Breaking Bad and politics.

  9. Stoke your imagination. Amplify your ideas. Discover new ways of solving problems.

  10. Start your own ripple – and make an impact on Charleston and the world!