TEDxCharleston 2014 Ended -- But the Inspiration Continues!

Need a boost of inspiration? The fabulous presenters from TEDxCharleston 2014 have it in spades, and now it’s only one-click away. Watch and share videos of each of our 18 presenters, available on the TEDxTalks YouTube page.

(And you thought they were good live! Which, of course, they were, but we’re tickled TEDx-red to see how good they are when we watch/hear them again, and we think you will be, too).

TEDxCharleston Speakers Named "Pick of the Week" by TED

Our TEDxCharleston 2014 speakers are on a roll!

First Vince Musi's Dr. Doolittle-inspired talk is selected as TED Editor's Pick of the Week on TED's international library of TEDxTalks!

And then again the following week Derreck Kayongo's moving and inspirational talk is selected as a "Pick of the Week."

We're so thrilled that our TEDxCharleston speakers are receiving international exposure! Be sure to sign up to TED's "Pick of the Week" to get your weekly TEDxTalks fix.

Check out the photos from this year’s event.

 Our talented photographers were busy capturing all of the smiles, expressions, and positive energy from the day. Be sure to check out our TEDxCharleston photo gallery on  Flickr

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See what our TEDxCharleston 2013 Speakers had to say


The TEDification of Corporate America – BloombergBusinessweek

Last November, State Street (STT) introduced a new team-building exercise: The financial-services company hosted its own TED event, modeled on the conference series that promises “riveting talks by remarkable people.” While TED speakers have included big names such as Bill Gates and Sheryl Sandberg, State Street drew upon its own pool of about 30,000 employees. “We had people from all geographies and all levels of the company,” says Hannah Grove, State Street’s chief marketing officer, who came up with the idea.
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We all have a RIPPLE EFFECT.  What is yours!  What ideas did you take from this year's event?  And what will YOU do?

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