2015 speakers, artists and performers

Embrace Chaos

Sundar Balasubramanian

A radiation oncology researcher who grew up practicing and studying yoga from his father and uncles in Tamil Nadu, India. This professor reaches back to ancient Tamil texts and uses modern science to illuminate connections between biochemistry and yogic breathing.

Watch: The Science Of Yogic Breathing

Jenny Bevan

A partner at Bevan & Liberatos and co-author of “A Vision for Civic Conservation,” this designer, specializing in contemporary traditional architecture and urbanism, is rethinking historic preservation from a position of holistic sustainability.

Watch: Our Disposable Architecture

Riley Csernica

A 24 year old biomedical engineer and entrepreneur  who runs Tarian Orthotics, a Mount Pleasant-based medical device company she co-founded after finishing three degrees from Clemson in five years.  Passionate about educating students, this inventor helps to promote youth entrepreneurship.

Watch: Zero Equals One: Creating A Business From Nothing

Jeffery Deal

Inventor, physician, author and the Director of Health Studies for Water Missions International who gave up 20 years in surgery to open a medical facility in Sudan. He holds the patent for the TRU-D room decontamination system currently being used in Liberian Ebola treatment centers.

Watch: Not Just Ebola

Randy Dobbs

A three-time CEO turned private equity advisor and author of “Transformational Leadership: a Blueprint for Real Organizational Change” who uses his leadership in professional, community and personal settings.

Watch: The Business of Hope

Seth Gilliard

Search YouTube under hip new violinists and you’ll find the virtual side of this 24 year old Charleston virtuoso, but more traditional audiences might remember his work as concertmaster and soloist with the Furman Symphony Orchestra.

Watch: Classical Fusion

Nicholas Glover, Sr.

A venture capitalist and consultant to startup and small companies and CEO of PEC360, a company working to launch patient population health management technology and services for large health care systems.

Watch: Digitizing The Family Doctor: Put Care Back Into Healthcare

JamieSue Goodman

A self-taught computer programmer and native of rural Manning, South Carolina who returned to her roots to lead Google CS First – an initiative that empowers and ignites interest in fourth through eighth graders, especially girls and other underrepresented minorities, to pursue computer science careers.

Watch: Lucky Is A Lie

Donna Hardy

A blues artist of a sort, this plant loving native of Augusta, Georgia specializes in growing and harvesting indigo, especially the descendants of the 270 year old plants that started the indigo industry in the U.S.  According to Donna, the plant used to create the beautiful color is a culture all its own.

Watch: Indigo Dreams: Downhome Roots Of The Blues

Earl Hewlette

A former Marine, attorney, executive/developer of resorts and two-time failure at retirement, this multi-faceted executive now runs Terresentia, a North Charleston-based distilled spirits technology company.

Watch: Creating Opportunity From Chaos

Will Jamieson

A self-confessed computer geek who doesn’t play video games, this College of Charleston student published his first million-plus-user app at age 16 and is now developing another startup between classes.

Watch: College: Necessary, But Insufficient

Harold May

Trained in microbial physiology and ecology, this MUSC professor is investigating a new field of environmental research: how microbes use carbon dioxide and electricity to make fuels and chemicals.

Watch: Lightning, CO2, And A Microbe Walk Into A Bar…

New Music Collective

This celebrated, Charleston-based non-profit organization presents contemporary musicians with an ear to the future of music and endeavors to bring wider audiences to the experimental edge of composition and performance.

Watch: Life Is Full Of Delays: Finding Peace With That

Nancy Simpson

Licensed clinical psychologist and psychology professor uniquely positioned to de-stigmatize mental illness because she has been on both sides of the locked door.

Watch: Secrets Of A Wounded Healer

Derek Snook

Founder of “In Every Story” Labor Services, this temporary laborer advocate found inspiration in the stories he heard from former roommates – at a homeless shelter.

Watch: Finding Home Among The Homeless

Steve Stegelin

A published satirist since college, this editorial cartoonist and information architect, with a style often described as “deceptively cute,” targets hypocrisy and chaos from his adopted hometown of Charleston.

Watch: Drawing the Line with Political Cartoons

Peter Tuerk

A director of the PTSD program at the VA Medical Center, this clinical psychologist and professor left a career as a musician to settle a different score, improving access to effective PTSD therapies for veterans in remote, rural areas through therapist training and telemedicine.

Watch: Return from Chaos: Treating PTSD

Wona Womalan West African Drum and Dance Ensemble

A Charleston-based performance group, influenced by traditional Guinean rhythms and celebrating the distinctive style of an all-female Dun-Dun (Bass Drum) section is dedicated to preserving the arts and culture of West African dance, drum, musical and folkloric traditions.

Watch: Guinea Suite

Wonderson Duo

A performing duo that combines strength, flexibility, fearlessness, and trust to create an act spinning through the air with the beauty and grace of ballet dancers and the daring feats of circus performers.

Watch: Entanglement: Aerial Silks Duo

John Zinsser

A co-founder of Pacifica Human Communications who leads individuals and organizations to forge benefit from the natural resource of conflict.

Watch: Navigating from Storm to Agreement

Vince Musi, 2015 Emcee

An award-winning photographer for National Geographic, this 2014 TEDxCharleston speaker will do about anything to get into a TEDx talk for free.  Back as our emcee, he has performed this role for many events including LOOK3, of which he is a founder.

Kristy Bishop, 2015 Artist

A textile artist working in locally sourced natural dyes who finds inspiration in what most people think of as weeds: indigo, goldenrod and tickseed.


All photographs by Fia Forever Photography