To Our Surprise, Tickets for 2015 Sold Out in Less than 12 Hours!

Thank you, Charleston, for your huge support. We love how our citizens are so engaged in seeking innovative and progressive ideas. We are excited to showcase some of Charleston’s brightest minds and talented action-takers through this year’s impressive line-up of speakers. What’s happening in Charleston – is happening on our stage!

Tickets for our next TEDxCharleston event will go on sale in 2016.

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Ten Reasons to Attend TEDxCharleston
  1. Meet Charleston's “Who's Who” of thinkers and doers

  2. Get unstuck and learn to Embrace Chaos

  3. Be surprised, be amazed, be inspired by ideas worth spreading

  4. Learn something new and transformative

  5. See how others create beauty out of chaos

  6. Help build a community of thought leaders and creators

  7. Network and spread your ideas to like-minded individuals in our community

  8. Be inspired to take action

  9. Participate in a conference that’s part of a global conversation

  10. Kick start your day and possibly change your life

  11. Smile for a few hours

  12. Witness amazing minds, music, and art – all in one room

  13. Attend the most stimulating event of the year

  14. Clear the chaos of the daily grind

  15. Tickle the creative AND logical sides of your brain in one combustive setting

  16. Be inspired in one of the best cities on our planet