Tickets for TEDxCharleston 2015 go on sale on February 24

TEDxCharleston 2015 is happening on April 15, 2015

TEDxCharleston is an all-day immersion experience at the intersection of science, art, performance and business. It is designed to enrich the Charleston, South Carolina community through presentations and entertainment that inspires, engages and transforms.

Our theme for 2015 is EMBRACE CHAOS

Be inspired by the change agents who have learned how to use chaos as a “construct for creativity” … unfolding positive change in their personal lives, the community, and our world. 

  • Experience today’s brave change agents who have learned how to embrace chaos to create positive change.
  • Explore the concept that one can fear chaos – or embrace it as part of a process of transformation.
  • Expect results as speakers inspire us to glean positive outcomes from chaotic circumstances.

Be sure to mark your calendar for two important dates for TEDxCharleston. Our next event will be held on April 15, 2015. Tickets go on sale on February 24, 2015. Tickets will be sold only through

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Ten Reasons to Attend TEDxCharleston
  1. Meet Charleston's “Who's Who” of thinkers and doers.

  2. Get unstuck and learn to Embrace Chaos.

  3. Be surprised, be amazed, be inspired by ideas worth spreading.

  4. Learn something new and transformative.

  5. See how others create beauty out of chaos.

  6. Help build a community of thought leaders and creators.

  7. Network and spread your ideas to like-minded individuals in our community.

  8. Be inspired to take action.

  9. Participate in a conference that’s part of a global conversation.

  10. Kick start your day and possibly change your life